Another Spa Award in the Bag for Ikeda Spa

Best in Beauty Singapore Winner

Ikeda Spa, voted “Outstanding Traditional Therapy” for our Organic Geisha Facial, is celebrating once again. This time we picked up the coveted Best in Beauty at the Singapore’s Women Weekly Spa Awards 2011.

This is fantastic recognition for Ikeda Spa, and follows on for our recent success of being voted ‘The Best New Day Spa 2011’ by Time Out Singapore.

We feel that the greatest endorsement for our services comes from the happiest of clients via word of mouth. That is why we’re so grateful to everyone who voted for us and will continue to do all we can to keep our guests happy. We love what we do and we always strive to give our customers the best spa experience possible.

To celebrate this achievement Ikeda Spa have devised a brand new promotion – ‘Ikeda Spa Celebratory Promotion’. This celebratory promotion consists of one of two luxurious facial treatments – namely “Geisha Organic Facial” and “Maiko Organic Facial” for only $98 and $138 respectively.

Ikeda Spa Celebratory Promotion

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Our award-winning Geisha Organic Facial using Chidoriya skin care range from Kyoto. When combined with our unique Japanese meridian massage technique requiring no less than 300 strokes, the active ingredients are fully optimised to beautify your skin. Chidoriya only uses natural organic ingredients, such as rice bran, camellia oil and azuki red beans that have been traditionally used for beauty care in Japan for centuries. The special finishing touch will be our exclusive uguisu no fun, made from UV-sanitized nightingales droppings. It is an amazing (all natural) way to smoothen and lighten the skin.

For the less adventurous, you may want to start with the Maiko Organic Facial. Maiko is a Japanese word for apprentice geisha. As the name implies, you can still enjoy all the organic goodness of the Japanese traditional facial ingredients minus the uguisu no fun (nightingale droppings), until the time comes to take on the real Geisha facial.

For more information on the Geisha Organic Facial, you can read our blog “Geisha Facial aka Bird Poop Facial Now In Singapore!

Ikeda Spa Pledge our Support for Earth Hour 2011 in Singapore

Earth Hour 2011 in Singapore

Ikeda Spa is one of the first Singapore’s day spa who has pledged support for Earth Hour 2011. We will switch off all the lights on March 26 Saturday 8:30pm to 9:30pm. To our esteemed customers, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We thank you for your kind consideration.

Join us by pledging your support for Earth Hour. Switch off your lights for one hour and share with your friends to join in this noble cause.

UPDATE: Check out the photos of Earth Hour 2011 on our Facebook page.

Japan Relief Donation: Help Earthquake Victims and Visit Ikeda Spa

Women wait on the street after evacuating a building following an earthquake in Tokyo

Picture provided by

Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Donation – A devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan that cost hundreds of casualties and thousands of people being evacuated. After the tsunami; fire, busted dam and nuclear leaked add more tension in the people of Japan.

People from all over the world offered help for the victims in Japan. Global Giving is one of the first to ask for donation for the Japan Earthquake Relief and you can donate through their website. If you want to help the victims, we will like to reward you with our little token of appreciation for your kindness.

Ikeda Spa will give away S$20 spa voucher for every donation you made through Global Giving, regardless of the amount of donation.

Please kindly follow the instructions below carefully, otherwise spa voucher will not be issued to prevent counterfeit donations.

1. Go to Global Giving and select the amount of donation on the side panel.

2. Make sure that you have selected YES for “Make this donation a gift, in honor of, or in memory of someone?” (see picture below)


3. Click donate button, and it will bring you to the next screen where you can choose your e-card. Choose any e-card design you like.

4. Make sure that the e-card is mailed to Ikeda Spa’s email address (see below). Specify your name and email address in the Message.

Card5. Save and proceed with payment.

6. Upon receiving your e-card, we will send you an email with our spa voucher and security code. Please allow at least 2 working days for us to process your voucher.

7. Call our hotline 64698080 to make your spa appointment and provide us with your security code.

8. Print your spa voucher in the email and remember to bring it along during your spa visit.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only e-card sent from Global Giving <> will be accepted. Forwarded email will not be accepted to prevent counterfeit donations.
  • Limit 1 spa voucher/person, regardless of donation amount.
  • Appointment required. Security code must be provided during booking.
  • Spa voucher must be printed and presented on the spa visit.
  • Valid till the Total Funding Goal (US$250,000) of Global Giving Project has been fulfilled.
  • Ikeda Spa is no way related to and takes no responsibility whatsoever on how they will process the funds collected.

Thank you for your kind donations and may good fortune follow you.

Please don’t hesitate to share or like this post so that your friends can also help the Japan Earthquake victims.

Chidoriya Japanese Skin Care Products

For those looking for Chidoriya skin care products in Singapore, you can now find here at our new boutique. Ikeda Spa stocks a comprehensive line up of Japanese luxury products from Chidoriya Kyoto.

For the next few weeks, we will be showcasing the individual organic skin care products one by one, the same being used in Geisha Organic Facial, the most natural way to whiten your skin tone.


Chidoriya Boutique @ Ikeda Spa Singapore

Chidoriya Boutique @ Ikeda Spa


Chidoriya Trial Set @ Ikeda Spa Singapore

Chidoriya Trial Set


Chidoriya Yuzu Lip Balm @ Ikeda Spa Singapore

Chidoriya Yuzu Lip Balm


Chidoriya "Secret de Maiko" & "Secret de Geiko" Face Cream @ Ikeda Spa Singapore

Chidoriya "Secret de Maiko" Face Cream


Chidoriya Cleansing Oil & Peach Moon Essence Water @ Ikeda Spa Singapore

Chidoriya Cleansing Oil & Peach Moon Essence Water


Chidoriya Azuki Red Bean Exfoliant & Rice Bran Wash @ Ikeda Spa Singapore

Chidoriya Azuki Red Bean Exfoliant & Rice Bran Wash

Hope that you like our new boutique! :love:

Geisha Facial aka Bird Poop Facial Now in Singapore!

Kabuki actors discovered it. Geishas swear by it. Now beauty-conscious women in fashionable New York is crazy about it. And now this beauty elixir has reached our shores. What is it? Japanese nightingale droppings.

What’s that stuff you rubbing on your face?

While this may be the first that you’ve heard of bird poop facials, as we’ve mentioned already, they’ve been around for quite a while in Japan. Uguisu no fun is a traditional part of a geisha’s beauty regimen. Shops in towns with geisha houses (called hanamachi) sell these to them, including their distinctive clothing, shoes, wigs, instruments and cosmetics.

Japanese Maiko dancers, or young Geisha, stand in a Garden prior to performing at a tea ceremony

Both geisha and Kabuki actors have traditionally worn heavy white makeup. Originally, it was made with ingredients like zinc and lead, which proved to cause serious skin disease and other problems. Then it was discovered that using uguisu no fun completely removed the makeup as well as served to condition and soothe the skin. Although the makeup is no longer made with these ingredients, uguisu no fun had secured its place.

Popular in Japan till now. The West soon caught on with a handful of spas that offer the treatment as part of their facials. Posh Spice is probably the most famous fan of the treatment.

Posh Did It, And Love It

Victoria Beckham, a convert of Geisha facial. She tried it and loved how great her skin looked. She also use a cream derived from nightingale poop at home.

Victoria Beckham, who has long had a problem with keeping a clear complexion, is now reportedly raving about the so-called Geisha facial.

“When Victoria was in Japan recently she was admiring the local women’s clear skin and discovered it was down to these facials,” a friend of the 34-year-old star recently told Closer magazine.

The nightingale dropping facial has also been featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Show.

So is there any real reason to add it to your beauty regimen? Read on to get the poop on, well, the poop.

The Science of Nightingale Dropping

Most bird excrement is white because of the uric acid, which isn’t soluble in water, but different birds have different poop compositions. Japanese nightingale excrement contains large concentrations of nitrogen-rich urea and guanine.


  • Common ingredient in skin care products that you may use daily.
  • Reduces water loss through the skin’s epidermis and retains skin moisture.
  • Accelerate the process of skin cell and skin regeneration process.
  • Helps other ingredients of skin care products to penetrate better within the skin surface.
  • Urea based skin care products are ideal for people with dry skin, and extremely beneficial for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


  • Amino acid in a form of natural enzyme with bleaching qualities.
  • Creates a shimmery, iridescent effect, giving a glowing look on skin.
  • Clear out skin blemishes and brightens dull skin.
  • Has light chemical peeling action, but without the redness and burning, resulting in a fairer skin tone.

From Birdcage to Your Face

Red-billed Japanese Nightingale

Spreading wild bird poop on the ground to use as fertilizer is one thing, but gathering it to put on your face is another. You might imagine people tracking nightingales and running around to scrape the poop off various surfaces, but there’s a very specific process that goes into making bird poop into an ingredient. There are nightingale farms in Japan that exist solely for the purpose of harvesting the poop. Wild nightingales eat things like insects and berries, but at the farms, the birds are caged and fed a diet of organic seeds.

After their poop is collected from the birdcages, it is sanitized, using an ultraviolet light. After the poop has been dried out (with a dehydrator), it’s ground into a very fine white powder.

Wild bird poop can contain bacteria, fungal spores and other unhealthy substances, but uguisu no fun is safe and clean due to the birds’ special diet, controlled habitat and the purification process.

Geisha Organic Facial, Our Signature

Our signature facial uses Chidoriya skin care range from Kyoto. When combined with our unique Japanese Ki massage method requiring no less than 300 strokes, the active ingredients are fully optimised to beautify your skin. In addition to uguisu no fun, this facial treatment also includes thorough cleansing, exfoliation, meridian massage, and lymphatic drainage with jade roller, which all involves only natural ingredients, such as rice bran, camellia oil, azuki red beans, and peach moon water that have been traditionally used for beauty care in Japan for centuries. It is an amazing (all natural and organic) way to lighten and whiten the skin. Due to its hypoallergenic properties, this facial is highly recommended for those whom has dry and sensitive skin.


A little history about Chidoriya. Born in the Kyoto City, Chidoriya was established in 1949 in Kyoto, Japan. In the first years, Chidoriya focused on making original beauty goods for Maiko dancing girls and Geisha. The ageless beauty of Geishas and Maiko girls has long been known in Japan and throughout the world, hence they have always been the fashion and trend setters in Kyoto. Over the past 60 years our reputation for excellent products has established our unique clientele of fashion and beauty professionals. We are pleased to introduce Chidoriya products in Singapore.

Ikeda Spa’s New Facelift

Hello everyone – we are back. Apologies for not updating our blog for the last few months.

What’s happened? Well, for those whom had dropped by our spa recently, you should have noticed some major overhauling going on for the spa.  Ikeda Spa is now bigger, nicer and best of all, there is a series of promotions and exciting new features coming your way. :cheer:

So what’s in store for you? We cannot reveal too much now, but below are some teaser photos of what you will be expecting.

Manicure AreaProduct AreaWaiting AreaVIP SuiteTreatment Room

Watch this space for more updates on our upcoming Open House at 12 Dec 2010! 8)

Bukit Timah Bridge is Falling Down

We felt sorry for our customers whom left stranded in traffic trying to get to our spa. Apparently, someone has drove a crane through the overhead bridge, and yes, the one bridge just in front of Ikeda Spa.

The worse part is it took six hours to “saw” down the bridge, causing massive traffic from Whitley onwards.

And now, we have a bungee jump platform in front of our spa.

Bungee Jump

Once again, thank you for your understanding and patience, to all customers whom have kindly called to cancel their appointments.

Mother’s Day Spa Promotion

We don’t just have a luxurious limited edition Bird’s Nest facial in store for the amazing women in our lives. We have a lovely mother-daughter day out lined up. We’re dedicating an entire month to Mother’s Day, so join us in celebrating all mother figures out there.


10172702_10151987916085685_5183982363036090343_nThis year, go above and beyond the standard mother’s day gift by treating your mother to the ultimate exotic facial treatment: Bird’s Nest Facial. To sweeten the deal, we will be throwing in a FREE Bird’s Nest Gift Box and premiere movie passes in pairs for you and your mom.


Mother's Day

Mothers are always there for you no matter what. They have one day a year when tribute is paid to them. There are no better ways to show our mothers how important they are by spending this meaningful day together with her.