Massage SG: Facts That You Might Not Know!

By Vivian Kek in Wellness on 24 August, 2017

Massage SG: Facts That You Might Not Know!

Do you know that many people are unaware of the benefits Massage brings, and when they should avoid massage? Also, many think of massage as just rubbing and kneading of the body to relieve tension or pain. In fact, it is way more than that!

Massage Singapore
Massage manipulates the soft tissue in our bodies such as muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Its main benefit is to alleviate the discomfort associated with lifestyle stresses, especially work or body stresses from sports. Ever been to Thailand and after walking for the entire day, all you desire is a foot massage? Magically, after a foot massage, you feel recharged for walking another 57204297km! 👣

#TipsForGuys👦: Do not ever bring your female partner for a foot massage if you are sick of shoppings!

Categorised into different groups, here are two of the most common and fundamental types of massage:

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage requires smooth and gliding strokes. Loosening up your body and de-stressing your mind, many seek for it after a busy and hard-working week! You can often find this massage in spas, wellness centres, and resorts.

Hence, it explains why Swedish Massage belongs to this category. If you are seeking for a relaxing weekend, you know where to go!

Rehabilitative Massage

This category is solely for musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Helping to reduce chronic pain or even for a person who has suffered a stroke. Clinics and hospitals usually perform these types of massage.

The massage found in this category are Deep Tissue Massages or Chiropractic.

Benefits of Massage: More Than Just A Relaxing Time

Massage SG Health Benefits

1. Relieve Headaches

Massage plays two approaches in relieving headaches. The first approach is the comfort. During a migraine or tension in the head, massage eases the pressure. When your therapist focuses on your neck, shoulders, and head, it relieves the frequency and severity of the tension you feel from headaches. The second approach is proactive which maintains an optimal level of relaxation to help the body. This reduces the chances of headaches by relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points.

The second approach is proactive which maintains an optimal level of relaxation to help the body. This reduces the chances of headaches by relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points.

2. Boost Immunity

During a massage, lymphocytes in our bodies increases, which are white blood cells. They play a critical role in defending the body from disease. They lower down cytokines too, which plays a role in causing inflammation. When inflammation level decreases, it prevents conditions such as asthma, cardiovascular disease and depression.

Additionally, massage improves immune function for individuals who have HIV.

3. Stimulate Digestion

Getting a full-body massage gives a helping hand to the body by getting rid of toxins and increasing the release of enzymes. Both of these are essential in providing a healthy digestion. Other than that, massage stimulates the intestine’s motion and the contents in it, preventing peristalsis.

Digestion speeds up during the massage, helping to avoid constipation. It tackles other digestive complaints such as bloating and abdominal pain too. Hence, if you are facing digestive problems, you know you need a massage!

4. Reduce Pain

After a strenuous exercise, inflammation occurs in skeletal muscle, damaging it and causes pain. Massage reduces inflammation and provides pain relief you have gotten from your post-workout. Similarly, massage acts like an anti-inflammatory medication and makes your swelling go down.

Should You Avoid Massage Therapies? Here’s Why.

Massage SG

Without taking note of your health condition or disorders, you might worsen it if you unknowingly go for a massage therapy. Hence, it is strictly crucial to consult your doctor and be aware of your health before a massage backfires and takes an adverse effect on you.

If you have these conditions, you should avoid taking a massage!

1. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has been on the rise, and it is starting to get common, even among teenagers. With the buildup of plaque in blood arteries, a small amount of pressure can break the plaque and worsen the health condition.

If the massage therapist accidentally exerts a hard pressure on your back and break your plaque, blood clots release into the body systems and parts. Although the risk is not high, the blood clots might travel to the brain or heart and further intensify the condition. If they move towards the lungs, the blood clots will damage them.

Many people are not aware of them carrying this condition. Even so, some people might not know that they have deep clotting inside their veins. Hence, it is important to understand your health well before going for a massage.

2. Skin with Infections or Burns

If you have any infected burned or open wound, do not book a massage session or reschedule it!

Although therapist would avoid body areas that have wounds, there is a huge possibility that the massage therapy transmitted your infection from one place to other parts of your body.

Infections include ringworm and herpes cold sores. If your massage therapist has a small wound that she is unaware of, the transmission of infections may get to her. Therefore, it is important to take care of your injury.

3. Fever

Fever is common that it may seem like a minor issue to many. However, it is still recommended to avoid going for a massage as your sickness will worsen.

It is a truth that massage boost your immune system and relieve your tension, but when your body is doing its job to fight off bacteria or virus, the massage might aggravate. During a massage, blood circulation increases, leading to rising in body temperature and causing fluids to circulate faster and spread around in your body.

Hence, when your body is tackling the bacteria and virus, let it run its course. Get a good rest at home and do not go for a massage.

4. Cancer

During any stage of cancer, we will advise you to not go for a massage treatment. Patients who are suffering from the condition of cancer that has spread to their bones should not risk amplifying the condition further.

Cancer cells have high possibilities of being spread throughout the body due to increased lymphatic activity from massage therapies. Patients who are undergoing through the process of radiation and chemotherapy should strictly avoid massage treatments too. For any cancer you carry, you should consult and take permission from your doctor for any therapy at all.

5. Osteoporosis

Due to fractured or broken bones, our bones may turn porous, brittle and fragile. Otherwise, as we age, it is a common reason for a broken bone. Massage with little pressure may be intense for this condition, especially when bones are weak to the extent that it will break easily.

Massage with light pressure may be intense for this condition, especially when bones are weak to the extent that it will break easily. Many older adults enjoy going for massages without realising that it would harm their bones. Therefore, do inform your mom or grandmother if they often visit a spa or massage parlour despite this condition.

The History of Massages: Throwback To 5,000 Years Ago

Massage existed since thousands of years ago due to ancient cultures that discovered the medical benefits. Although time has changed and many things have improved, massages remained the same.

China: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Massage SG History of China

China was the first country that written records of massage therapies back in 2700 BCE. The first book named “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine” became many’s massage therapy training. The first few massage therapy discovered were Acupuncture, Acupressure and Herbology. In 1949, the book was finally published in English and often used as a textbook.

Egypt: Reflexology

Massage SG Egypt History

Followed by Egypt in 2500 BCE, Egyptians painted their tomb with massage therapy as part of their medical tradition. Different from China, the Egyptians did more of pioneering reflexology. They have immensely influence Greeks and Romans with their medical studies.

India: Ayurvedic

Massage SG India History

Although China and Egypt were faster, the first known written massage therapy came from India. They used an art of healing touch in the practice of Ayurvedic medicine which means “life health”. Ayurvedic is a combination of holistic medicine, combining meditation, relaxation, and aromatherapy.

Instructions On How To Give Yourself A Massage

Feeling some knots on your neck or body? Give yourself some Tender Loving Care (TLC) and massage yourself. That’s right, instead of getting a massage in Singapore spa, there are self-care techniques that can help you relax and soothe tensed muscles! Otherwise, you can use it for some de-stressing than to turn to consuming of food to help!

#TipsForEveryone👪: Dim your light or even lit up a candle to make the atmosphere at home feels like you are on a vacation 😉

1. Head and Scalp Massage

Massage SG Head and Scalp Massage

Traveling to work and feeling lethargic due to sleeping late the previous night? Not to worry, you can perform this massage anywhere just to feel refresh!

Just place the heel of your palms under your hair on either side of your head. It should be near your temples. Start pushing up your scalp towards the ceiling, hold a few seconds and release.

Work in all the sections of your scalp repeatedly, and you will feel revitalised!

2. Face Massage

Massage SG Face Massage

Often suffers from a headache and have no idea what to do other than popping a medicine? Face massage helps to relieve your headache!

All you need to do is use your fingertips to draw little circles lightly. Do it along with your hairline, cheekbones, above your eyebrows and to where your jaw connects. When done, move to your ears and earlobes and gently rub them.

Instead of being reliant of medicine which doesn’t do any good to your body, perform this short and easy massage!

3. Forearm Massage

Massage SG Forearm Massage

Been going on a shopping spree and your hand hurts from carrying all the shopping bags? I understand that that is a great feeling, but it tends to get extremely sore.

Relax your arm, and have you palm place on top of your thigh. Push the heel of your other palm slowly along the forearm in the direction of your wrist. Do use enough pressure that you will start to feel some heat. However, be careful not to give yourself a brush burn!

After completing your back of the palm, do the same for your open palm. Repeat a few times and switch hands.

Tadah, now you are ready for more shopping! 😜

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