For this limited time facial promotion in Singapore, get your FREE Onsen Pass worth S$100+ when you book any 90 minutes facial treatment.

Award-Winning Japanese Facial in Singapore!

This is not just another facial promotion. We are offering an exclusive promotion, pairing our award-winning facials and hinoki onsen to provide you an authentic Japanese Spa experience in Singapore. With more than 40 spa awards claimed,  you can be assured that you’re in good hands at Ikeda Spa. Treat yourself to a day of self-pampering with unique Japanese facials in Singapore like the Geisha Organic Facial!

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Top Japanese Facial in Singapore

The Authentic Japanese Day Spa Since 2009

A woman is receiving a facial treatment at a Japanese spa in Singapore.
Geisha Organic Facial

All of our facial therapists are professionally trained by our Japanese trainer. They must first undergo a rigorous assessment to ensure they master our unique Japanese facial handwork techniques before being allowed to serve you. Moreover, we only use the highest quality and most effective Japanese facial products in all of our facial treatments. This ensures that our guests always receive the best possible results.

Yes, you can choose one of three facial promotions below. You need not worry about finalizing your treatment now. On the day of your facial treatment, our beauticians will consult with you to further understand your current skin conditions to make better recommendations that will benefit you.

Japanese facials are gentle and customized to your skin type. Our extraction-free facials are especially suitable for those with sensitive skin. Our facial therapists will first check with you at the start of the treatment if you want extraction as part of the facial treatment.

We use 100% high-quality facials products from Japan. We carry two reputable skincare brands in our spa: Menard and Chidoriya. Menard invested a lot of research into their skincare to create products that act as superfoods for the skin. Chidoriya only uses 100% organic ingredients in its facial products.

You may also consider trying our Beauness Purifying Facial from Menard that super-charged with anti-bacterial ingredients, targeting stubborn acnes and pimples.

If you have sensitive skin, our Geisha Organic Facial is a great option. They use 100% organic ingredients that are safe and effective. It’s always best to consult with our beauticians to get a personalized recommendation for the best facial for your skin type.

Hinoki Onsen Bath (Single)
Single Indoor Hinoki Onsen

Hinoki, a type of Cypress tree native to central Japan, is considered a sacred wood for its historical use in building palaces, temples, and shrines. It is also used to build onsens and baths because it is antifungal and does not rot. Ikeda Spa is the only Japanese spa in Singapore that houses the genuine Hinoki bathtub imported from Japan.

Hinoki Onsen, when in contact with hot water, produces Hinoki oil that was found to be highly effective in addressing skin inflammation. A 2015 study done on mice proved that Hinoki oil can help cure atopic dermatitis-like lesions. Moreover, the warm water relaxes your skin and opens your pores, which helps eliminate excess oil, which may cause blackheads and acne.

Nothing. You will be provided with one bath towel, one wash towel, one set of yukata (japanese bath robe) and disposable underwear (if you do not wish to go in the hinoki onsen naked). If you need additional bath towel, just request from our friendly therapists. It is free!

The best way to prepare for a facial is to relax your body and prep your skin with a hot calming bath. The hot onsen water helps loosen the sebum (oil) in your face, allowing it to slide out of the pore easily when you wash with the cleanser during the facial.

We recommend that you do not stay in the onsen for more than 30 minutes due to the high temperature. Rinse yourself with cold water every 10-15 minutes to stay comfortable.

Our couple onsen bath is attached to our couple spa room. You will need to book a couple’s facial before adding on the couple onsen bath. There will be an additional surcharge for the couple spa room. The surcharge for the couple spa room is $40, excluding GST. This will be waived if you have an active membership with us.

Hear the Honest Review of Geisha Organic Facial

Try Our Signature Facial Treatments

A woman is receiving a facial treatment at a Japanese spa.

Geisha Organic

Facial Promotion
(90 Minutes)
$ 280
  • Voted the Best Revitalising Facial by CLEO Body Awards 2016. Its secret ingredient is uguisu no fun (nightingale droppings), an unusual ingredient raved about by Victoria Beckham for its brightening effect.
A woman receiving a massage at a Japanese spa.

Embellir Anti-Aging

Facial Promotion
(90 Minutes)
$ 340
  • This age-defying treatment effectively boosts skin cells to restore your natural skin barrier. The red & black reishi mushrooms active ingredients are clinically proven to soften the fine lines and wrinkles.

Small Face Correction

Facial Promotion
(90 Minutes)
$ 460
  • Achieve a slimmer, defined facial contour without surgery or expensive tech. Our Kogao Small Face Correction Therapy uses chiropractic techniques to reset facial muscles and bones for a slimmer look

What Customers Are Saying

Low Chuan Ying
Low Chuan Ying
Read More
I visited Ikeda spa for their first trial facial service (lisiciare hydrating facial). I could feel that good products were used during the facial and their customer service was very commendable. However, communication was a little limited (because the therapist was korean), and the price is a little too high, but overall it was a great experience. Will try the onsen next time! Keep up the great work.
Fong Ying Ying
Fong Ying Ying
Read More
Tried their signature geisha facial. Quite an experience with the legendary nightingale poop, but my skin feels brighter and clearer! Thumbs up for the organic products and good service!
Read More
I did the Geisha Signature Facial at Ikeda, Singapore. This was an amazing experience from the very beginning I stepped into the shop. You get soothed with the calming atmosphere and the friendly staff that were there to assist you in every step. I was then brought to my treatment room that had a Japanese authentic feel that I have not experienced in any other place. Throughout during my consultation and my treatment, my therapist knew what were the problems to my skin and gave me a very soothing treatment. Right after the treatment, I can see an immediate difference. I highly recommend anyone wanting to get a different atmosphere than your surrounding.
Hua Qi
Hua Qi
Read More
Anti-aging Facial: I love how my therapist taking her time to examining my face and explain how she would customise the facial before the start of the treatment. I love their products, which I was told was imported directly from Japan. The texture is super moisturising and I see the instant glow on my face.
Huong Lan Vu
Huong Lan Vu
Read More
I love Japanese style spa so this is exactly what I was looking for. The facial massage that I had yesterday at Ikeda was the first massage that I've had since moving to Singapore 3 months ago. It was great! I would definitely come back and recommend it to my friends.
Sabrina Teo
Sabrina Teo
Read More
Great ambience! Relaxing and uplifting. Feel energized after a day’s work. Geisha organic facial - a must try!

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  • Reservations are required and subject to availability recommended to book at least one week in advance
  • Guest are allowed to request for a new therapist during the first 10 mins of the treatment if unsatisfied with service quality
  • Credit card information must be provided to secure your booking
  • A 48-hour cancellation notice is required, otherwise charges apply
  • This first-trial offer is valid only for the exclusive use of the individual who made the purchase. It is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed by any other person.

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