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Our Promise

At Ikeda Spa, our guests are truly like our own family.

In Japan, there is a deep-rooted culture, which comes from sado (tea ceremony), called omotenashi, meaning to wholeheartedly look after guests.
Ikeda Spa Facade with Japanese lamp

Our Founding Story

Our founder first visited a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in Japan and was deeply touched by the host’s kindness and hospitality. The experience of being welcomed at the ryokan was so memorable that he wants to bring that culture into Singapore so that more people could experience such hospitality. Maintaining the traditions of a ryokan while infusing them with spa elements resulted in the creation of Ikeda Spa.
Tea Ceremony Chado at Ikeda Spa

Our Philosophy

In Japan, a deep-rooted culture called omotenashi may best translate as the Japanese way of hospitality, but its true meaning is far deeper and more detailed. Omotenashi is a way of life in Japan, focused on always providing the best service and hospitality despite receiving nothing in return. And we believe that we can propagate this spirit of omotenashi outside of Japan. Every one of us at Ikeda Spa is making an even deeper commitment to creating an unforgettable experience in every encounter with our guests.

A Cosy Experience

Bukit Timah

Ikeda Spa Lounge

Founded in 2009, Ikeda Spa offers a quaint sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of town, nestled among lush greenery in Bukit Timah. Zen-inspired interiors and personalised spa services transform Ikeda Spa into a home away from home for urbanites.

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