Easy DIY Skincare Recipes From Your Own Kitchen

Here are some DIY recipes you can try at home to fight against common facial woes. In this post, we are going to tackle 4 of the most common problems that most chicks will face. Unsightly Facial Hair It can get pretty disturbing and unsightly when girls have an excess of facial hair or when […]



5 Activities to Do in Japan During Spring

Spring is round the corner and if you are intending to visit Japan, here are 5 activities you have to do!! 1. Flower Viewing Talk about Sping in Japan and most people would immediately think of cherry blossom. Hanami means ‘flower viewing’ and if you are in Japan during their cherry blossom season, Hanami is not […]



Difference between Botox/Fillers vs Facial Eye Treatment

Wondering which treatment you should go for? Botox & Fillers or Facial Eye Treatment? In our previous sharing, we have provided some insights for eye cream and eye treatment. Common treatments involve RF, Ultrasound and traditional eye treatment. If you have not read about it, read it here. Before we begin to the do comparison, have you ever […]



Japanese Guide: Eye Cream/Serum vs Eye Treatment

This week, we are going to talk about Eye Cream/Serum Vs Eye Treatment. In our previous blog, we have identified the importance of using eye cream/serum and how you can choose the right eye cream to target your concern. If you have not read about it, read it here.  Before we start, let me share […]



Eye Cream: How Do the Japanese Choose?

Let’s talk about eye cream today, the delicate care for the windows to our souls. Most ladies have the mindset that using a regular face moisturizer for their eyes will be sufficient and there is no need to use a separate product for those peepers. That is a big no-no and a misconception, so here’s some  tips on […]