10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Wife Really Wants

Omotenashi on 4 Feb, 2016

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Wife Really Wants

The time of the year has come again when guys wreck their brains over what to get for their wife. It’s important to know what are some of your wife’s likes and dislikes, needs and wants, so you know what’s the best Valentines gifts for her.

Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas we thought every wife would want.

1. Fragrance Gifts

scented gifts

Bath salts, bubble bath, perfume, skin creams and soaps. Fragrance never fail to make a woman go mmmm.. Just make sure you know the type of fragrant she loves.

2. Roses

single stalk rose

It’s true that some might find it a waste of money, however, no harm in getting a stalk to go with your gift. A single red rose promises life long devotion and speaks of a love that is unchanging. Show your wife that she still means that much to you!

3. Terrarium

Terrarium potted air plantsHave you been giving her roses for the past few years already? You may want to try something different by surprising her with a terrarium, which has been quite the trend lately. Terrariums are sealable glass containers which can be opened for maintenance or to access the plants inside. No romantic story behind it but this thoughtful gift could add some life and brighten up her work environment.

Brownie points if you get it delivered to her work place!

4. Chocolates

heart shape box chocolatesOnly for your sweet-toothed wife! Chocolates may seem like an easy gift but if that’s what your wife really love, why not? Did you know that chocolates can stimulate the release of endorphins, a natural hormones produced by the brain? It can generate feelings of pleasure and promotes a sense of well being. Perfect way to end off the night by giving your woman her favourite sweet dessert after a candlelight dinner!

5. Your Time

elderly couple sitting on benchGo for a stroll in your nearby park or go to the very first place you both had your first date. Hold her hand, give her a hug and spend undivided time together relieving dating moments and enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes, all we need is the presence of our loved ones and timeout from the demands of our daily life.

6. Home-Cooked Mealsbreakfast for wife

Surprise your wife by preparing all three meals yourself on this special day. Pamper her by giving her a rest from the kitchen. Do the cooking, dish washing and even the laundry for her. A simple yet sincere act to show your appreciation.

7. Diamond


diamond for herThe famous saying “diamonds are girl’s best friend” is definitely true! Engineered to draw the eye, diamonds are pretty, sparkly and very attractive. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a pendant, ring, earrings or bracelet, you will never go wrong with diamond as a valentine’s day gift.

Brownie points for engraving your initials!

8. Handwritten Cardcard gift for her

Remember those days when we would write letters and drop them at the post office? The act of writing a letter is considered lost as technology takes over us. A handwritten note is more than just a message on a piece of paper. It’s feelings, efforts and moments preserved through writing. Handwritten notes are like time markers in our lives. This simple act of giving a handwritten love letter could possibly go a long way!

9. A short Getaway

beach getaway gift for herCheck if your wife’s schedule permits her to get out of the country for a short while. Whether it’s to relax, shop or go on an adventure, a getaway is the perfect opportunity, not just for her to recharge but also for both of you to create wonderful memories together.

10. A Spa Retreat

couple massage singapore
No time for a getaway? Escape from the hustle and bustle of life at Ikeda Spa. Indulge in a time of relaxation together with your mate in a private room overseeing Clarke Quay’s river view. On this very special day, no matter valentine’s day gift you do or get, do it with a sincere and appreciative heart because that is all that matters.

Happy Valentine’s Day!