5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Guide

Omotenashi on 5 Jun, 2017

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Guide

With Father’s Day approaching, do you still feel lost on picking the perfect father’s day gift to reward the man of your life?

Father’s Day Gift is one of the most difficult gifts to purchase because our daddy rarely expresses themselves. However, now that we have categorized the different types of daddy for you, you can now safely purchase a gift knowing that he will love it for sure!

Hence, we have picked out the perfect gift ideas for father’s day celebration.

1. Adventurous Daddy: Extreme Sports


Does your dad often ask the entire family out for an outdoor activity? These are the dads that have illimitable energy in their body and are passionate about going outdoors and trying new things. No doubt that all your family days are strictly outdoor activities only.

This Father’s Day, surprise your thrill-seeker dad with something more extreme and unique! In fact, be the one who invites him and show him that you equally enjoy having a thrilling experience just like him.

fathers day gift - aj hackett

Therefore, try something out of this world! Located right in Siloso Beach in Sentosa, AJ Hackett Sentosa is Singapore’s first bungee jump. Providing your dad an unforgettable adrenaline rush as you jump down the 50m-tall bungee tower!

2. Tech-Savvy Daddy: New Gadget

fathers day gift - ipad

Caught your dad having his nose stuck in his phone or computer regularly? These are the dads who love technologies and gadgets. A frequent incident happening at home is that they are always being scolded at the dining table for looking at their phone instead.

Although we want to stop your dads from receiving scoldings, we know it is impossible to stop his love for technologies. This Father’s Day, get him the latest and coolest technology. Furthermore, if you’re good enough, get him something that he can’t use at the dining table!

Have you heard of drones? Drones are actually “mini helicopters” that are controlled by a human operator using a remote control. It is highly in trend now, with everybody taking perfect high scenery photos with no issues. Now, upgrade your dad with the coolest technology!

3. Foodie Daddy: Buffet Treat

fathers day gift - buffet

Complaints about having an empty stomach coming very often from your dad? These dads eat 3-5 meals daily because a normal meal can never satisfy their appetite. For this reason, being seated on a different dining chair very frequently is a noticeable occurrence.

Satisfy your dad’s stomach by booking a buffet restaurant and giving him a treat this father’s day! This will not only make your dad happy but your family as well because let’s all admit that food is a source of happiness!

fathers day gift - top buffet

With millions of buffet restaurants out there, does it confuse you? Have no good recommendation on where to have a nice buffet dinner? We’ve come across 25 Best Buffets in Singapore written by Seth Lui that you might want to try!

4. Fashionista Daddy: Dress Him Up

fathers day gift - fashion

Noticed that your dad is always dressed up even on a simple dinner day? These are the dads that have a wardrobe filled with all kind of outfits to wear on different occasions. You will see him in new different outfits every time he walks out of the door. Trends changes but some style will never go wrong. That one style would be a suit and smart trouser.

fathers day gift - dress your age

No doubt, suit and smart trouser are the most popular trend for men who are aged around 50 years old. Decking in formal wear will always enhance your entire look, making you look clean and sleek. Upgrade your dad with his wardrobe, simply refer here to what you should do to dress up your dad!

5. All-Work-No-Play Daddy: Well-deserved Spa Retreat

fathers day gift - all work

Feel that your dad is always occupied with work whereby he does not have the time to relax? These are the dads who are always working. As a result, they often look worn-out.

This is the true meaning of dad, they are always busy working and they have never complained about how fatigued he is. That’s because he loves us, and working hard to support the family is one way he shows it so the family will lead a good life. Despite our dad being fierce whereby he will constantly scold us, we need to know that he is just providing guidance for us so we will learn. In fact, almost everything he did for us was a way to show his love for us.

To relieve his fatigued body, pick the suitable spa treat for him to indulge in. In return, you will get an energetic dad who will love the father’s day gift you got for him!

Get Your Father’s Day Gift from Ikeda Spa

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Ikeda Spa is currently having a Father’s Day Promotion that lets your dad indulge in a 2-hour tension relieving spa session! You can also choose to purchase it as a gift voucher and have it delivered to your doorstep. Curating the best treatments to relieve your dad’s sore and tense muscles, we promise that your dad will have a stress-relieving spa treat with us!

Lastly, we hope the gift ideas provided you with tips on what to get. Share with us and let us know what you plan to get as your father’s day gift this year! Go make an incredible father’s day for your dad this year!

Before we end, here’s a Father’s Day quote to share so you can include it in your homemade father’s day crafts!

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way