5 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Healthy Friend!

Wellness on 27 Nov, 2015

5 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Healthy Friend!

Ever wondered what to buy for someone who’s really healthy?  Here are 5 ideas for best gift for your friend who is the ultimate health junkies.

1. Body Scrubs

How often does one uses body scrubs in the shower or go for a body scrub in spas? Did you know that body scrubs are very moisturising and can helps remove dead skin cells which our normal daily body wash could not. Body scrubs help remove oil, dirt and unclog pores to expose our skin’s underlying healthier layer. Scrubs also helps improve blood circulation and increase skin’s firmness, making it a meaningful gift for your friend!

2. Gym Membership

If your healthy friend haven’t already become a member in their gym, then its the perfect opportunity to help them be one! Gym membership offers a variety of benefits and perks depending on the gym. Being a member also acts as a motivation to hit the gym regularly. If you are also interested, go be a member together with your friend and work out together! You never know, your presence might be the better present!

3. Organic Skincare Products

Commercial skincare products contains chemicals which will easily irritate dry and sensitive skin. I believe many of us has heard about the benefits of going organic, but how about with our beauty regime? More than just a trend, many people are opting for organic products because it is much gentler on the skin. Some natural products even offer solutions to skin problems.

Chidoriya is a natural and organic Japanese skin care brand inspired by Geisha and maiko’s skin care rituals. Click on to their website and pick something up for your friend!

4. Slow Juicer

There are many benefits of a slow juicer. Slow juicer squeezes more juice out of your fruits and vegetables and also has a greater fibre retention. This makes your juices healthier and more wholesome! A slow juicers is quiet, compact and easy to use, which makes it a perfect gift for anyone who is trying to live better and healthier.

5. Relaxing Rejuvenation

Who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing spa treat for their birthday? Pamper your holistic friend with a birthday spa package available in Ikeda Spa. This wholesome package consists of a 30-minute Body Scrub or Onsen Hot Spring Bath, 60-minute choice of Anma Deep Tissue Massage or Maiko Organic Facial and a personalised birthday card and a yummy slice of birthday cake.