Spa Guide: 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Body Massage

By Eric Tan in Wellness on 20 Aug, 2014

Spa Guide: 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Body Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage? Massages are known to loosen stubborn knots in your body and relieve you of nagging aches. But a hard pressure massage might not always be the best for your body, and it certainly isn’t the only option. Here’s 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Massage for Yourself for a luxurious massage experience:

1. Therapeutic or relaxing? Evaluate how you feel before your massage so you can choose an appropriate massage

Shoulder massage

Do you feel achey and sore, or are you tired from the lack of sleep? It is important to be honest about how your body feels before a massage, and not choose massages based only on price or popularity. A deep tissue massage may end up being too uncomfortable if you want to be massaged into a peaceful slumber, while a soft pressure massage may do close to nothing for your aching muscles.

2. Choose a spa with several massage options

Nuka Hot Compress

Gone are the days where a massage is just a massage. There are so many different kinds of massages now, like deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, thai, herbal compress, detox and shiatsu, just to name a few. All these massages have their own benefits and provide a different experience. For example

  • Therapeutic massages are great for those who are in need to destress the mind and body. It assists in mental and physical relaxation.

  • Remedial massages are best fitted for this who have chronic pain and particular muscle tension. An assessment is done by our dedicated body therapists to assess your body conditions.

  • Heat-infused massages are dedicated to provide health benefits, ranging from alleviating joint pains to help relieve muscle soreness.

Choosing a spa with different massage options will allow you to have a more customised massage experience!

3. Consult your therapist

Spa Therapist Consult

These are the people who know massages best, and they will be able to make a recommendation based on their skills and experience. To ensure a fruitful massage experience, you can even request for a therapist that specialises in a particular massage (if possible).

With these three tips, we hope you choose the perfect massage for yourself. Spa away!