GSS 2017: Are Singaporeans Impulsive Buyers?

Omotenashi on 9 Jun, 2017

GSS 2017: Are Singaporeans Impulsive Buyers?

On a regular day basis, we usually spend over our budget mainly due to impulsive buys. Can you imagine the damage in your pocket with the upcoming GSS 2017? According to a Shoppers Trend Report, it was shown that Singaporean shoppers are the second most impulsive buyers in South-East Asia.

Singaporean shoppers are ranked as the second most impulsive group of shoppers in Southeast Asia, after the Philippines (35%) – Singapore Business Review

Let’s all be frank, we are promotion-seekers. GSS 2017 can get us excited and cause us to purchase items on impulse. Therefore, let us help you by providing 5 tips on how to not have tons of impulsive buys laying around at home!

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1. Bring Along a Thrifty Friend

You might think that GSS 2017 is the best time to overhaul your wardrobe for a fashion makeover. But are the deals reasonable? A small promotion can elevate our excitement and happiness. With great deals this GSS, can you imagine how crazy our purchases can get?

Hence, this is where a thrifty friend will come in handy and give you a hand in controlling your impulsive buys. The trendy off-shoulder top is on sales but has an exorbitant price? This friend will be the one who will stop you from buying it no matter how good the top look on you. They will come out with various reasons or naggings just to stop you from buying.

We believe the most common one will be: “This money I can buy (an exaggerating amount) plates of Chicken Rice!

Comment down below and let us know what your friends will say to stop you from buying!

2. Create A To-Buy List

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Shopping during GSS 2017 is going to be like a war when there are other vivid shoppers around. It is definitely no easy feat to get your items. That’s when you need to do your homework!

Almost one in four Singaporean shoppers (23%) admit that they usually do not plan what they will buy – Singapore Business Review

Without proper planning, it is no doubt that impulse buy will happen. Creating a to-buy list will help to speed up your shopping processes and together with a budget, you can shop without burning a hole in your pocket.

For instance, you can do all these with:

  • Google Keep – it’s an effective tool for keeping track of your lists and ticking them off when finished.
  • Ticktick – a checklist app for you to “tick” what you have purchased
  • Your phone’s notepad

Crucial reminder: DO NOT be tempted by the savings on the price tag, only focus on the shops that sell what you need.

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Now that you have a budget together with an advance to-buy-list, you’re good to go!

3. Delete All Online Shopping Apps

With online shopping apps in our phone, we will browse through the catalogs during boredom to kill time.

54% of consumers indicated that having the option to shop on their mobile devices has caused them to spend more than ever before, with 4 in 5 admitting to purchasing online on impulse. – Singapore Business Review

Hence, forget about all the online shopping apps that were with you. Delete all of them and download something else to keep yourself occupied. Here are some common online shopping apps we have:

  • Sephora
  • Zalora
  • Shopee
  • H&M
  • Zara

For example, find some games that are able to keep you entertained for a long time! These are our favorite apps to play during boredom:

  • Fun Run
  • Candy Crush
  • Mobile Legends

 4. Keep Your Cards At Home

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Bringing your credit cards with you to shop will only cause numerous swiping. Before you even decide if you need the item, you will see yourself at the counter paying for that impulse buy.

Totally impossible to leave your cards at home? Different credit cards can get you better deals, making it key to knowing your cards well. Otherwise, you will be missing out on rebates, reward points or even discounts! It might be a good idea to check out a forum to see the reviews on different credit cards.

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Unsure of the deals this GSS 2017? Keep a lookout on the GSS website to check out the special deals at participating outlets this year. As a result, you can freely roam around the mall and not swipe your credit card everywhere!

5. Comparing deals

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Constantly missing out on great deals or realize it when it is too late? Always do a research on the on-going deals!

Go online or even read the newspaper to find out the cheapest deals! Pick the deals that will meet your needs best before making an expensive purchase.

However, take note that discounts will increase as time pass, so be patient if you really want to grab something but the deal isn’t that attractive yet!

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GSS 2017 at Ikeda Spa

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This Great Singapore Sale, Ikeda Spa will be showcasing 10 exciting deals that have savings of up to 50% off!

How does it work? Every week, a new deal will be revealed in our promotion page, be sure to check it out regularly to see which fits you. Alternatively, sign up for our newsletters to receive weekly notifications of the GSS 2017 promotions. Now you can pamper yourself at ease!

We hope these tips are a great help to you! Now that you are well-equipped for the Great Singapore Sale 2017, you’re all good to go!

Drop us a comment if these tips were helpful or if you have a better tip to save our pocket, good luck shopping!