Japanese Beauty Secrets Skincare Workshop

Beauty on 29 Jul, 2014

Japanese Beauty Secrets Skincare Workshop

Over the years, both our team and our customers have fallen in love with Japanese skincare – from how the simple ingredients have such amazing effects on the skin to how Japanese skincare is gentle yet elaborate – so we decided it was time to share some skincare secrets during our Japanese Skincare Workshop! Over the last 3 weeks, Ikeda Spa organised our first Japanese Beauty Secrets Workshop.

The workshop was held at Ikeda Spa Prestige @ Clarke Quay Central. Each session was cosy with no more than 20 participants  🙂

Miss Singapore attending Ikeda Spa beauty workshop
On our second workshop, we were lucky to have a few Miss Singapore finalists grace our event!

Our lovely spa trainer Diya took participants through the Japanese skincare routine, from double cleansing to the importance of sun protection for the skin. She made recommendations on what natural and traditional Japanese ingredients could be used for each skincare step. The next time you have a tau war pau (red bean bun), remember that when ground to a fine powder, azuki red beans become a fantastic non-abrasive exfoliant!  😆

Skincare Ingredients used in Ikeda Spa beauty workshop
A simple toner made by soaking rice in the water! This easy recipe has been passed down for generations and has anti-ageing benefits!

Diya ended her segment with a little “cooking class”. She taught participants how to make quick, easy and natural DIY face masks using ingredients that Japanese women have sworn by for years!

Ikeda Spa trainer showing beauty workshop demostration at Ikeda Spa Prestige
A volunteer helping Diya mix some ingredients together.
Spa therapist doing hand sampling demo on japanese skincare workshop participant
Participants got to touch and smell the natural skincare ingredients explained during the workshop.

In the spirit of sharing, we’d like to teach you how to make one of our favourite face masks: The Rice Bran Face Pack! It only requires water, Chidoriya Rice Bran, and Rice Flour. Mix together till you form a creamy paste, and apply a thick layer to the face.

Spa Therapist put face mask on japanese skincare workshop participant
Don’t take our word for it! We put the rice bran mask on one of our staff so everyone can see its brightening benefits!

The lovely people from MTG kicked off the second half of the workshop by introducing the ReFa Carat, a revolutionary facial massager that has taken Japan by storm for its firming and lifting properties.

ReFa executive presenting at Ikeda Spa japanese skincare workshop
Shu Setogawa from MTG telling us why the ReFa Carat is a no. 1 skincare bestselling product in Japan!

By generating low micro-current which mimics the body’s natural bio-current, ReFa series’ kneading action shapes targeted areas while boosting moisture levels and improving blood circulation.

Ikeda Spa japanese skincare workshop participant taking photo using handphone
Our participants got to try the ReFa Carat. May saw immediate results! Participants were invited back for a free ReFa V-Lift Facial too.

Of course, no workshop is complete without delicious refreshments and a lucky draw with prizes sponsored by MTG, Luxury City and Ikeda Spa!

Ikeda Spa staff serving refreshment at japanese skincare workshop
Champagne, green tea and sushi! So many treats in just one Japanese skincare workshop!

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