The Remedy for Jet Lag

Travel on 30 Jun, 2014

The Remedy for Jet Lag

You just landed in Singapore. you feel fatigue, jet lagged and have a headache you can’t seem to get rid of. You would definitely want to make the best out of your visit, or maybe you have an important business meeting to prepare for.

Stay off the caffeine and painkillers if you’re feeling the effects of jet lag. Instead, perk yourself up with a relaxing massage. It will fast trek your way to normal sleep cycles without having to go through days of interrupted sleep.


Here are some ways you can make sure you’ll get the best results from your post-flight massage:

  • Do your research before you fly. Choose a spa and have their contact details ready so you can book an appointment as soon as you land and settle into your hotel. Or, make things easier by choosing a spa on Tripadvisor.
  • Research is also important to make sure you don’t choose a spa or massage parlour that hard-sells and pesters you to buy products or upgrade your service. Remember, you are there to get a relaxing massage!
  • Evaluate how you and your body feels and choose the appropriate treatment – Do you have many tense knots you want to get rid off, or are you tired and fatigued and want to regulate your sleep cycle? You don’t want to get a deep tissue massage that leaves you sore and more uncomfortable, or a massage that is too light and does nothing for you. If you are not sure, choose a spa that has specially formulated, tried-and-tested post-flight treatments.

As one of Singapore’s best day spas, Ikeda Spa is visited by numerous tourists from around the world. That’s why we have a special Jet Lag package especially for our foreign visitors!

When combined, these three massages provide tired travellers with 120 minutes of complete rest and relaxation, helps to ease of lethargy, promote circulation, and reset the body’s internal clock. Getting a massage in our tranquil, quiet spa is truly the perfect head-to-toe remedy for jet lag.

Visting Singapore?

Make a visit to Ikeda Spa an essential part of your trip, whether you’re a tourist on holiday or a business traveller here for meetings or in transit.

Drop by within a week of your arrival, show your boarding pass or foreign passport at Ikeda Spa and you can enjoy our Jet Lag Revival Package (30MIN Kiatsu Head and Scalp Massage, 60MIN Inyou Relaxation Massage, 30MIN Ashitsubo Foot Reflexology)