Menard Bihada Workshop | Embellir Skin Care

Wellness on 1 Nov, 2015

Menard Bihada Workshop | Embellir Skin Care
This is the set up for Bukit Timah.

We all know the importance of taking good care of our skin, but do we really know the proper way of using our skincare products? This October, we started our first Menard Bihada workshop for our customers to learn more about the proper way of using the unique Menard Embellir skincare.

Menard Embellir skincare has a total of 8 products. What’s so special and unique about it is that it requires an additional step from your normal cleansing foam.

Our beautician Dana here shows the right technique of using the Embellir Washing. The purpose of lathering well is so that the micro bubbles become so fine, that they are be to deep cleanse our tiny pores thoroughly.
We have our beautician Yukee answering to some of the questions you might have.
Our beauticians going through step by step on how to use each product.

These are only some of the things done during the workshop. If you missed our workshop, you can visit Menard website here for more information about their skincare and products. You should check out our first trial promotion for our facial that utilises Embellir skin care!

We hope participants have learnt something and benefited from this workshop. There are many more workshops to come!!

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