10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that Mums Really Want

Omotenashi on 5 May, 2014

10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that Mums Really Want

Being a Mother – It’s a 24 hour job which requires a truckload of patience, energy, and sacrifice. We hardly tell our mothers enough how much we love and appreciate them.

So if you have yet to let your mother know that you love and appreciate her, be sure to do it on Mother’s Day! Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas which your mum will actually love.

1. Make Mum Breakfast in Bed

A mother’s work starts from the moment she wakes up, so give mum the luxury of enjoying some extra time in bed by preparing breakfast and delivering it on a tray right to her bedside. Be sure to cook mum’s favourite!

2. Make Mum a Handmade Card

Remember when we used to make and draw cards for mum as children? There’s little more sincere than a handmade Mother’s Day card laced with genuine effort, appreciation and love. Start cracking by getting some ideas from Pinterest.

3. Do Some Household Chores

“I just want a day to myself. No cooking, no cleaning, no nagging after people…just some quiet time to myself!”

We all hate housework. But mothers hardly complain about cleaning up after us, even if they don’t exactly love doing it. Mum will appreciate a spick and span home. Send your mum off to a spa retreat or manicure session while you clean up the house. She’ll return home to such a wonderful surprise!

4. Bake a Cake

“Someone to surprise me and serve me some food instead! Haha!”

Put on your chef’s hat and apron, and get ready to take over the kitchen this Mother’s Day to bake a cake! It doesn’t have to be complicated.

5. Give Mum a Funny Gift!

“It doesn’t matter if I get something cheap or small as long as whatever I get puts a smile on my face!”

Think flowers are too cheesy or mainstream? Put a smile on mum’s face with a tongue-in-cheek gift that will make her laugh every time she looks at it.

6. Give Her Flowers

“Which girl doesn’t love flowers? :)”

If you don’t think flowers are cheesy or boring and you’re thinking about buying flowers for Mother’s Day, you’ll be happy to know that research has shown that recipients of flowers as gifts show “extraordinary delight and gratitude” regardless of age. You can even have them delivered to the front door with a sweet note card attached for an even bigger surprise.

7. Buy Mum a Necklace (or bring her shopping for one)

“I would love to spend more time not doing any chores…but if my husband asks, tell him I want jewellery! ;)”

Buy mum a necklace, or better – Bring her shopping for one. Mothers often neglect themselves, so bring her shopping for something that will make her feel pretty, and remind her that she is a beautiful person. A necklace will also make a wonderful and meaningful keepsake which she can keep close to her where ever she goes.

8. Plan a Family Outing

“I know what I want for Mother’s Day and it’s the same thing my children want: Time together.”

Plan a family outing, like a picnic or a dinner, and enjoy a few hours of quality time catching up with each other and enjoying each other’s company. It’s a great time for mothers to relax and delight in their loved one’s company.

9. Say “I Love You” (and Throw in a Hug)

The least fancy of ideas can be the most meaningful one. When was the last time you told your mother verbally that you love her?

10. Plan a Spa Date

Treat your mum to a luxurious spa experience that will send her straight to cloud nine and leave her feeling like the queen that she is. Spa days are a great way to de-stress, unwind, and melt all worries and tiredness away.

Share with us what other Mother’s Day gift ideas you have planned this year?