Valentine Special – Love at 5 Senses

Wellness on 19 Jan, 2017

Valentine Special – Love at 5 Senses

It’s definitely a Valentine special to be bombarded with the feelings romance, love and happiness. As humans, our five senses enable us to feel the emotions of the season – women arguably have a sixth sense, but I digress.

We love tasting our favourite food, look at what is pleasant, smell scents that evokes happiness, listen to music that makes us feel good and feel skin to skin contact that comfort us. As a Valentine special, here’s a walkthrough to evoke your partner and you for a memorable Valentine’s day this year.

valentine special - sparkling wine

Taste the love

Bring him/her to eat something nice, have a candlelight dinner and end off with sparkling wine and a box of dark chocolates. Sparkling wine contains serotonin, dopamine and opioid peptides which are natural brain chemicals that make you feel happy. Dark chocolate contains endorphins which trigger a “happy and loved” feeling.

valentine special - take a stroll

Lovely sights

Remember that place on that he/she casually mentioned? Surprise them with a date there, appeal to the eyes. Take a stroll and enjoy the scenery – it’s something that’s guaranteed to improve moods. Moreover, spending quality time with your loved ones is priceless, and it’s how you make them feel at the end of the day.

Valentine special places to go: 
– Gardens By The Bay: Gardens by the bay is a state-of-the-art indoor garden gives you a breathtaking view of all the exotic flowers and plants.
– Singapore Flyer: Aboard this Asia’s largest observation wheel at dusk and experience the panoramic view of the city in all its lights.


valentine special

Heavenly scents

Olfaction (sense of smell) is one of our most impactful senses. Also known as the sense of smell, aromas can have an immense effect on our emotional being. Buy a bouquet of flowers or a diffuser. A pleasant aroma would definitely put him/her in the perfect mood for the occasion. Aromatherapy is an important step to take in making a balance for healing, relaxing and balancing the mind.

The two most popular scents for aromatherapy include rose and lavender. Rose is thought to boost the feelings of love, compassion and devotion. Lavender evokes positive emotions. These are good scents to infuse into a romantic night to make your Valentine special.

valentine special

Love listens

Kick back, relax and listen to songs that the both of you qualify as “our song”. Listening to music you enjoy triggers joy by unleashing feel-good brain chemicals. Create a playlist that is filled with songs which you both love and start jamming away!

If you’re stuck on deciding what songs to be included in your playlist, there are tons of playlists on spotify/youtube and here is our favourite.

valentine special

Just a little touch

Pamper your partner today by indulging in a relaxing massage. Massages are known to have an abundance of benefits – promoting relaxation, increasing blood circulation and releasing muscle tension.

Get away from all hustle and bustle on this romantic occasion, let you and your partner wind down and spend a lovely time together. Bring him/her to indulge in a massage session to end your Valentine’s day in a romantic way.

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