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The Facial That Transforms My Spa Career

Ever since I started my spa business, I have been searching for unique and effective treatments that would set my business apart. It was during one such research expedition that I stumbled upon the concept of the small face slimming facial. Intrigued by the uniqueness of the treatment and its popularity in Japan, I decided to explore it further and venture to its source to learn about it. Implementing the small face correction facial at my spa was a game-changer. It has become so popular that reservations must be made 2 months in advance, and the customer repeat rate is over 90%.

In the bustling heart of Osaka, I found my mentor in the art of the small face slimming facial - Master Hidetsugu. A renowned figure in the Japanese beauty industry, Master Hidetsugu has perfected the art of non-surgical facial refinement, where a combination of targeted massage and manipulation reshapes the face to a smaller, more defined aesthetic, greatly desired in many parts of Asia.

Learning under Master Hidetsugu was a privilege. His approach was as much about understanding the philosophical and holistic aspects of wellness as it was about the technicalities of the procedure. He made me realize that the small face slimming facial wasn't simply a beauty regimen but a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that combined knowledge of the lymphatic system, energy flow or Qi, and the traditional Japanese commitment to natural beauty.

Upon returning from Japan, I introduced the small face slimming facial at my spa. I trained my staff in the technique, ensuring they understood not just the physical aspect but also the holistic philosophy that underpinned it.

The response was overwhelming. Our customers loved the novel, non-surgical approach and the visible results it yielded. Our customer base grew exponentially as word-of-mouth about our new treatment spread. But as I watched our clientele flourish and their joy in experiencing a new way to beauty, I realized that this shouldn't just end within the confines of my spa.

Inspired by Master Hidetsugu's teaching and the success of the small face slimming facial, I decided to share this unique technique with a broader audience. I established a training course designed to impart the knowledge and skills of the small face slimming facial to budding beauty practitioners.

The journey to Japan, learning from Master Hidetsugu, and the subsequent transformation of my spa business were milestones in my career. But the true transformation, I believe, was the decision to share this knowledge further. As I see more therapists learning this technique, I feel an immense sense of satisfaction and achievement.

From being a spa owner to a successful entrepreneur and now an educator, my journey has been a testament to the power of learning, sharing, and growing. The small face slimming facial not only revolutionized my spa business but also allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the beauty industry. It's been a journey of transformation, not just for me but for everyone who embraced this remarkable technique. And as I look towards the future, I'm excited to see where this continued spirit of discovery and sharing will take us.

Yours faithfully,

Eric Shinichi
Spa Director

What is Kogao Small Face Slimming Facial?

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Kogao small face slimming facial (小顔矯正) is 100% non-invasive and natural treatment to achieve a v-shaped face without plastic surgery. Unlike other face-slimming adjustments, the method developed by Master Hidetsugu is 100% painless and safe, with instantly visible results after the first session. It utilises chiropractic techniques to adjust your facial symmetry by resetting your facial muscles and bones. This is why it is also known as “scalpel-free cosmetic surgery” in Japan.

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Visible Results After One Session

About Master Hidetsugu

Learn From the True Master

Introducing Master Hidetsugu, a highly regarded Japanese expert in small face slimming. With more than 20 years of experience managing exclusive salons for women and 16 years devoted to training practitioners, he is a distinguished authority in his field. As the Director of prestigious small face slimming school including the Japan Face-Slimming Alignment Therapist Training School and Shingetsu Women’s Training School, he imparts his valuable knowledge to aspiring therapists from all over the world.

As Featured on TV & Magazines

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Master Hidetsugu’s extensive experience and innovative techniques have led to frequent invitations for interviews by top magazines and TV programs in Japan.

Course Syllabus​

What to Expect

Small Face Correction Course

A woman is enjoying a massage at a Japanese spa.

By the end of the course, you will be able to 

  • know the history of small face correction in Japan
  • explain the benefits of small face correction
  • identify the location of different facial muscles
  • identify any contraindications of small face correction
  • perform 60-min small face correction treatment

Pelvis Correction Course

A woman receives a massage on her back at an onsen spa in Singapore.

By the end of the course, you will be able to

  • identify the symptoms of weak pelvic
  • explain the benefits of pelvic correction care
  • identify the location of different pelvic muscles
  • identify any contraindications of pelvic correction
  • perform 60-min pelvic correction treatment
Course Fees & Duration

The Best Investment In Yourself

Small Face Correction Course

2-Day Course
SGD$ 3,360
  • 21 - 22 October 2023
  • Duration: 10am - 5pm
  • All course material fee included

Small Face + Pelvis Correction Course

3-Day Course
SGD$ 4,130
  • 21 - 23 October 2023
  • Duration: 10am - 5pm
  • All course material fee included
International Certification

What Can You Do After Graduation?

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To graduate from the course, you must attend all lessons with minimum 100% attendance and pass the final practical assessment, based on specific standards and requirements of Japan Small Face Slimming Therapist Certification Association (日本小顔矯正師認定協会).

Upon successful completion, a formal graduation certificate will be issued and your name will be registered in our alumni database.

Attaining this globally recognized certification is a highly esteemed achievement that can unlock a wealth of opportunities in the beauty industry.

Start a new career

You can apply part-time or full-time jobs through our extensive connections.

Earn a higher income

You can offer high-end luxury treatments for top price.

Attract more customers

You can use small face slimming facial as a signature treatment to promote your services.

Join our alumni community

You can access our global network to share ideas, collaborate, and learn together.


Anyone who is interested in the course are welcome to join. 

Yes, our training courses welcome individuals with no prior experience. They are designed to provide comprehensive training and skills development from beginner to advanced levels.

The small face correction course takes 2 days. The pelvis correction course takes 1 additional day. The class starts at 10am and ends at 5pm with a 90 min lunch break.

Yes, for the convenience of students, both classes will be translated into English with the assistance of a translator.

Absolutely! This course is open to individuals of all nationalities, including non-Singaporeans. Everyone is welcome to sign up and benefit from the valuable training offered.

Yes, a practical examination will be conducted at the end of course to assess if you can perform a full treatment. Successful completion of the examination will obtain the course certification.

All course material will be provided with no additional fee. English textbook will be given to all students at the start of the course.

Yes, we can provide a 3 month interest-free installment plan if you have a Singaporean credit card or debit card. Contact us for more details.

Yes, ask your friend to join you on the course and both of us will enjoy 30% discount.


Save up to 40% each!

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