Customised Deep Cleansing Facial Promotion in Singapore

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Why Do You need to Try Professional Customised Facial Promotion?

Why professional ? Customised Deep Cleansing Facial Promotion at Ikeda Spa

Ever wonder why you should get your facial professionally customised instead of doing it at home? A customized facial treatment is performed by fully skilled and experienced beauticians after an in-depth consultation where they discuss your specific skincare needs. As a result, each treatment is unique and tailored to fit the needs of a particular customer.

Brand new in promotion with Irén Skincare, the NEW Customised Deep Cleansing Facial Promotion in Singapore is curated by what your skin really needs after a skin consultation with our skilled beauticians.

Now at $138+, this first-time a promotional price is for a limited period only!

Why Customised Facial is Awesome

facial promotion - Customised Deep Cleansing Facial at Ikeda Spa [skin concerns]

Every skin is uniquely different and has different concerns from time-to-time. Every need of your skin will be attended to individually. No matter what is the skin concerns you suffer from, our skilled beautician will make your skin beautiful again.

Here is what you can expect as a result of Customised Deep Cleansing Facial Promotion:

  • Luminous skin tone
  • Plumped skin
  • Refined pores
  • Visibly reduced blackheads
  • Firmer looking skin
  • Smooth skin texture

How to Build Your Customised Facial?

facial promotion - customised deep cleansing facial [Beautiful skin]

The Japanese facial treatment begins with a deep-pore cleansing and exfoliation. Your recommended aesthetic treatment will be performed and gentle extraction will be done before your facial massage. Customised serum mask will use not one but three Irén serum to match your top 3 skin concerns.

No One Miracle Machine Works For All

facial promotion - Customised deep cleansing facial at Ikeda spa [aesthetic machine]

Choose 1 aesthetic treatment add-on from the list to match your skin needs after the consultation with our beauticians. These Japanese aesthetic technologies promise instant results after your first session.

RF2 Eyebag Removal, RF2 Double Chin Removal and E-light Glow Booster are only available at Bukit Timah Branch.

Unique Massage For Unique Skin

facial promotion - customised deep cleansing facial (massage style)

Choose 1 out of the 3 massage styles for you to pick from according to your preference. Facial massage is crucial to promote blood circulation and drainage of toxin while gently plumping the skin up.

1 Serum is Good, but 3 is Priceless

facial promotion - customised deep cleansing facial at ikeda spa [Irén facial]

IRÉN serums work synergistically together to target on specific skin concerns. Our beauticians will match 3 Irén serums for your customised mask. You can expect a beautiful glowing skin after your facial session.

Who is Irén?

facial promotion - customised deep cleansing facial [Irén]

Launched in 2017, Irén is a time savings skincare brand that is delicately created for the busy women in mind. Made in Japan and using high tech formulations with over 10,000 hours of intensive research, products by Irén can be personalized and efficient in results.

Hear What Sassy Mama Says…

I’ve just finished both Irén serum this morning! They were really nice to use and absorbed really well. I have dehydrated skin and it’s very hard to please so it’s quite difficult to find products I really love… I’ve just recently started using the skin clear lotion though and it’s been very good so far! – Syazana from Sassy Mama

Don’t Miss this Customised Deep Cleansing Facial Promotion!

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  • Valid for 1st-time customers of Ikeda Spa or those who have not visited in the past 6 months
  • Valid from 1 February until 31 December 2018
  • Valid for local residents of Singapore only. Proof of local residency for verification is required
  • Prices do not include 7% GST
  • Promotion is not allowed to be used in conjunction with other discounts, promotion or packages
  • Deal offer cannot be utilized for spa voucher purchases
  • Discount does not apply to spa vouchers
  • Reservations are required and subject to availability
  • Guest are allowed to request for a new therapist during the first 10 mins of the treatment if unsatisfied with service quality
  • Credit card information must be provided in order to secure the spa booking
  • A 24 hour cancellation notice is required, otherwise charges apply
  • Ikeda Spa decision on all matters regarding this promotion is final

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