Back Acne Treatment + LED Light


Dream of getting rid of that back acne (or “bacne”) to look flawless in your dream wedding dress? This painless yet effective back acne treatment does not include any downtime. You can see visible improvement in just a few sessions!

What’s included in this 30 mins back acne treatment?

  • Charcoal scrub exfoliation to deep cleanse the skin
  • Intensive LED therapy to kill all acne bacteria (read below)
  • Pre + postbiotics clarifying oil to reduce skin inflammation
  • Luxurious seaweed wrap to smooth out the acne bumps
  • Anti-blemish serum to protect skin against future breakouts

Using the most technologically advanced professional LED system from Japan, RegenV is a fifth-generation LED system developed by Dr. Watanabe that uses different wavelengths to treat different acne conditions (rosacea, redness, papules, bumps, and pustules) regardless of your age or skin. With very little downtime, you can take this procedure with no pain or side effects.

Blue Light (415 NM)

Back Acne Treatment using blue light LED
  • Kill the bacteria that causes pimples and breakouts, aka Propionibacterium Acne (P. Acne)
  • Targets Porphyrins, which are photosensitizers that are found in P. Acne
  • The more Porphyrins are in P. Acne, the more severe the breakout.
  • When Porphyrins are activated by blue light, they produce a powerful free radical, known as Singlet Oxygen, that kills P. Acne.
  • By killing P. Acne, the breakout is significantly reduced.

Red Light (633 NM)

Back Acne Treatment using Red light LED
  • Red light stimulates certain types of skin cells called fibroblasts.
  • This help makes collagen, which is important for skin elasticity and wound recovery.
  • Some studies have found that red LED light therapy reduces skin inflammation and is usually used in conjunction with blue light therapy, which can cause very subtle inflammation.

Visible Results After One Session of Back Acne Treatment

Results can be seen after just 1 treatment, with results improving with each additional session. Visible changes may be seen immediately and for several days after the treatment. However, for best results, a course of treatment is recommended. More dramatic, lasting changes are usually achieved in 8-10 treatments. We recommend follow-up treatments once monthly to maintain results.

Why is RegenV the best professional LED light therapy machine?

The market for light therapy products is flooded with low-quality home-use devices, such as masks and LED panels that claim to rejuvenate the skin. It is relatively easy to attach a few LED lights onto a plastic mask or panel and market it as a miracle treatment. The studies they cite are from professional-grade machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars, not from their products. These home-use products are highly unlikely to make any difference to your skin. If you want to try the LED treatment that works, you are better off going to a spa with a professional machine.

Our professional machine, RegenV features a total of 1800 durable and high-quality LEDs, which are attached to a large articulating arm that can direct the light from the LEDs over any part of the body, unlike competing machines that use tunnels or masks designed to only treat the face. These LED plates can be flattened to treat large areas of the body at once or curved to focus the light intensity on one area.

The device uses OLAT (Optical Lens Array Technology) collimation optics which use the energy of its 1800 LEDs more effectively to achieve higher photon intensities than other professional devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the back acne treatment feel like?

You will feel a pleasant, warm feeling during your session as the light surrounds your back with thousands of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) radiating pure light. It is much like lying on the beach in the sun without the harmful UVA, UVB, or infrared radiation.

What are the benefits of this back acne treatment?

• Remove whiteheads and blackheads
• Reduce inflammation and redness
• Reduce enlarged pores
• Suppress and control sebum production
• Clear oily and congested skin

Is LED light therapy painful?

No, the treatment is painless; for most, light therapy is relaxing.

Is this safe?

Absolutely. In fact, RegenV is also used in hospitals to accelerate healing in burn patients & post-surgery. There is no radiation emitted, no damage caused & no photosensitivity. This acne back treatment is 100% safe during every trimester of pregnancy & safe even for breastfeeding clients.

How long is the downtime?

Normal activities of daily living can be resumed immediately.

When can I see the results?

Most guests can see immediate results. You will continue to see improvement after every session, depending on the severity of the back acne. Lasting changes are usually achieved in 8-10 treatments.

What makes this LED light so much better than others?

The RegenV panels contain over 1800 LED lights. Each individual LED is programmed to a set wavelength of light to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. The machine maker has conducted trials & clinical studies to back up their results. In addition, each LED light incorporates RegenV’s optical lens array technology (OLAT) to focus & intensify the light delivery to ensure the best treatment results.

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