Our Body Treatments

Known as a complimentary to body massages, body add-ons add nourishment and enhance your body and skin's glow and texture.

Body Scrubs

Charcoal Acne-Control Scrub


Keep back acne away and reveal blemish free body with our Charcoal Acne Body Scrub. Charcoal properties have the ability to whisk away dirt and excess sebum production and eliminate body acne and other body breakouts. This treatment is highly recommended for oily skin, or those who suffer from back-acne problems.

Green Tea Anti Aging Scrub


With its excellent antioxidant and soothing properties, the Green Tea Anti Aging body scrub moisturises and hydrates dry, flaking or ageing skin, while eliminating dead skin cells, revealing healthy and glowing skin. Ends with a calming aroma. Best complimented with our Anti-Cellulite Seaweed body wrap for a firmed and toned body.

Rice Bran Whitening Scrub


Finely textured and gentle to the skin, the Rice Bran Whitening Body Scrub helps to eliminate blemishes and spots for clear and radiant skin. Be sure to see optimal results when it is best complimented with Rice Bran body wrap for a glow-from-within effect. Great treatment for brides-to-be.

Body Wraps

Green Tea Anti Aging Wrap


The Green Tea Anti Aging body wrap has excellent antioxidant properties that fight against free radicals that causes pre-mature skin aging problems like coarse, dehydrated and pigmented skin. Effectively aids in moisturising, see dry, flaking or uneven skin tone become brighter and healthy while it relieves stress with its calming aroma.

Rice Bran Whitening Wrap


The Rice Bran Whitening body wrap is infused with powerful antioxidant and whitening properties to give you exceptional luminous and fairer skin. Using Japanese traditional ingredient rice bran, this active ingredients in this body treatment whisks away dead skin cells to reveal skin that even-toned and glowing.

Seaweed Anti Cellulite Wrap


The Seaweed Anti Cellulite body wrap leaves the skin moist, glowing and satin-smooth. Rich in iodine and mineral salts, this detoxifying body treatment minimizes the appearance of cellulite by reducing excess fluids and smoothing out bumps on the targeted area. See the firmness and shape formed in targeted trouble areas.