Zen Candle Therapy Massage

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The minute your Zen Candle is lit, you healing journey at Ikeda begins. Soft light fills the room, and essential oils slowly awakes your senses. This candle, however, goes beyond mere soothing benefits. As it burns, it slowly liquefies into one of the most nourishing skin salves available.

Instead of mere wax, these breakthrough candles combine rich shea, cocoa butter, jojoba, sweet almond oils and essential oils. Melting at a temperature of 42 degrees, they feel like warm silk on the skin.

Your therapist applies this aromatic and vitamin-enriched elixir in a soporific massage. Combining Eastern-inspired deep tissue massage and soothing Swedish broad strokes, she kneads out muscle knots, soothes dull aches and eases you into deep relaxation.

The Zen Candles are handmade by Ikeda Spa with top-grade skincare ingredients and 100 percent soy wax. They come in three aromatherapy blends: Bamboo Bliss, Sakura Passion and Yuzu Refresh.

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