Our Massage Treatments

Find out why we are regarded as one of top 10 best massage in Singapore after you get pampered with a variety of massages by our specially trained body therapists. We serve mainly 3 series of massages dedicated for your needs: heat-infused, remedial, and therapeutic.

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Heat-infused Massages

Ganbanyoku Detox Massage

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Voted the Best Detox Massage in Singapore, a unique massage performed on the Ganbanyoku hot stone bed. The infrared wave from the bed will penetrate deeply, while our healing oil work their magic to rejuvenate your fatigued body. It’s like enjoying a good massage and a sauna session at the same time!

Zen Candle Therapy Massage

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Voted the Best Tension Relieving Massage in Singapore. This signature massage uses Ikeda Spa’s own customised massage zen candles to bring one into ultimate rejuvenation. As the zen candle burns, it slowly liquefies into one of the most nourishing skin salves available. Combining Eastern-inspired deep tissue massage and soothing Swedish broad strokes, she kneads out muscle knots, soothes dull aches and eases you into deep relaxation.

Remedial Massages

Shiatsu Acupressure Massage


Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art that has been used for centuries to relieve sore muscles and unblock your body’s Ki (energy). It is performed without oil. Originated from a fusion of Japan and traditional Chinese medicine, this therapy is excellent for chronic conditions related to stress and tension.

Anma Deep Tissue Massage


A deep tissue massage designed with strong, firm strokes to treat specific muscle areas of tension and pain. Aids to increase flexibility, accelerate muscle recovery, and relieve soreness due to over-exertion. Ideal before or after intense sports activities, such as biking, golfing and jogging.

Gorufa Sports Massage


The Gorufa Sports Massage releases tension or reduces any pain or aches you may feel after a strenuous golf game. Developed specifically for the avid golfer, this therapy will empower you physically, physiologically and psychologically and take your game to a whole new level.

Therapeutic Massages

Inyou Relaxation Massage


Inyou symbolises complementary opposing strokes and movements “in” and “you” working in unison to encourage deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace. The light and smooth massaging technique is a hit among those who prefer softer pressure. A must try-for those seeking relief from anxiety and insomnia.

Sanzen Prenatal Massage


A gentle and relaxing massage therapy for expecting mothers who are looking to pamper themselves. Pregnancy Prenatal helps to ease sore areas, relax tensed muscles and assist blood circulation which are much suffered before childbirth. Recommended only after the first trimester of expectancy.

Elemental Aromatherapy Massage

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Using only the highest grade, first extraction plant oils, Elemental Aromatherapy draws upon Eastern and Western massage techniques and tailor them to your specific needs. When intentionally applied through body work, a powerful and holistic approach to restoring individual balance is achieved.

Massage Addons

Ashitsubo Thigh & Calf


This ancient treatment focuses on massaging specific points of the feet to relieve stress and release energy flow throughout the body. Applying moderate pressure on the lower thigh and calf to relieve tension, this massage is bound to be a great pick-me-up.  Highly recommended for strenuous walking activities.

Kiatsu Head & Scalp


This is excellent for those who want to take off tension from the head. This amazing treatment begins with a deft neck and scalp massage, and ends off with a soporific acupressure face massage. You can also opt for a camellia oil traditionally used by geishas to add lustre to their hair.

Seitai Neck & Shoulder


Seitai means “to restore order to the body” in Japanese. This express massage gently eases and relaxes the neck, shoulders and upper back, and encourages deep sleep from which you’ll emerge feeling energised and refreshed. Great for those who have neck and shoulder strains from sitting for too long periods at their desk.

Japanese massage is an ancient therapeutic technique that originated in Japan. It aims to promote relaxation and healing on both a physical and spiritual level. The massage therapist will use various methods to manipulate the muscles and pressure points in the body, including kneading, pulling, stretching, and tapping.

It is not uncommon to feel some soreness after your massage. This is due to the release of lactic acid in your muscles, but it usually doesn’t last long. You may also feel some discomfort during your massage. If it is too uncomfortable, you can always ask the therapist to use less pressure.

Anma Deep Tissue Massage and Shiatsu Accupressure Massage are traditional Japanese massages that employ a combination of pulling, kneading, light tapping, and patting, though Shiatsu Accupressure Massage may additionally include the use of the elbow and employs a more gradual application of pressure. Additionally, Anma Deep Tissue Massage is typically administered on bare skin while Shiatsu Accupressure Massage does not require this.

Before beginning your massage, we will ask you to fill out a health history form. This will help us to understand any current concerns or goals you have for the session. We will then give you privacy to make yourself comfortable – whether you decide to remove your clothing or not.

We will provide you with disposable underwear. However, if removing all of your clothes makes you too nervous to relax, you can leave on the clothing you are comfortable with. Our spa therapist will work around the clothing you have left on as best as possible. If you prefer to stay entirely clothed, then I recommend exploring Shiatsu Accupressure Massage that is performed clothed.

A general recommendation for body massage is every 1-3 weeks, especially if you have a specific strain, tension, or any other area of concern.

We do perform a full-body massage. However, if you have a targeted area on which you want the therapist to focus, you can opt for a massage add-on.

Yes, there will be an additional surcharge for the couple’s spa room. The surcharge for the couple’s spa room is $40, excluding GST. Alternatively, you may opt to have the massages in separate rooms.

Some people prefer to chat during the massage session but don’t feel obligated to do so. If you want to close your eyes and relax, that is perfectly fine. However, if you are feeling uncomfortable or in pain, be sure to speak up.

We recommend our Sanzen Prenatal Massage after the first trimester of expectancy. This massage is especially beneficial for expectant mothers who are looking to pamper themselves.