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Anma Massage is an ancient form of Japanese massage therapy that has been practised since the Edo period (1603-1867). The name comes from the combined words “an,” meaning to press, and “ma,” meaning to rub, which describes the basic massage technique of kneading the deep tissue muscles. It is originated from the traditional Chinese massage therapy (Tuina) and incorporates the 7 traditional techniques, which are:

Pressing / Stroking
This part of Anma focuses on stimulating acupressure points along the spine and limbs. These areas have a direct connection with our internal organs as well as our emotions. By massaging these points, we can improve digestion, boost immunity, reduce pain and increase vitality.

Grasping / Kneading
This form of massage helps us relax through gentle pressure applied to various muscle groups throughout the body.

Through this method, the massage therapists will use their hands to apply firm but controlled pressure to certain body parts, such as arms or legs. This stimulates the flow of Qi within the body and increases strength.

In this modality, the therapist applies light pressure to different body parts using their fingers, palms, elbows or knees. This promotes relaxation and relieves stiffness.

Using small circular motions, the therapist gently taps into the bones and deep tissue of the body. This creates vibrations that travel up and down the spinal cord and out to other parts of the body.

With fingertips pressed lightly against the skin, the therapist moves back and forth across the surface of the body. This movement encourages the free flow of qi and blood.

Hand Music
A combination of all seven methods used during Anma, hand music involves rhythmic finger strokes over the entire body while also moving the head side to side. This allows for deep stimulation of both sides of the body at once.

The benefits of Anma include improved flexibility, increased range of motion, reduced inflammation, relief from chronic conditions like arthritis & fibromyalgia, better sleep quality, enhanced immune system function, decreased anxiety levels and more!

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