Hinoki Onsen Bath (Single)

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Hinoki Onsen bath gets its name from the use of hinoki, Japan’s most prized cypress wood once reserved strictly for royalty, and used for building palaces, temples and shrines. This precious wood releases mineral oils with soothing scents, anti-bacterial properties and many other therapeutic benefits.

We have gathered a total of 5 different bath salt choices for different aromatherapy and other health benefits for your needs.

1. Ryujin Onsen Bath

Ryujin Onsen is situated in the flowing water of the Hidaka River, filled with the fragrance of the surrounding woods in a natural setting. This soothing onsen bath has milky peach water with the aroma of clean, wild cherry blossom. Great for nourishing and rejuvenating your skin.

2. Ureshino Onsen Bath

Located in southwestern Saga Prefecture, its clear golden onsen waters are high in sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride and feel extremely smooth on the skin, giving rise to its popularity as a “Bihada no Yu” (lit. beautiful skin waters).

3. Noboribetsu Onsen Bath

Noboribetsu is one of Japan’s most unique hot spring resorts and arguably the most popular hot spring in Hokkaido. This onsen bath salt has luminous milky white water, with the aroma of crisp, clean air. Excellent for pure relaxation of the mind and body.

4. Yamashiro Onsen Bath

Yamashiro is in a beautiful hot spring region of Japan and is believed to have been discovered 1300 years ago. This onsen bath has milky blue water, with the flowery aroma of a sweet iris. It is excellent for relieving fatigue.

5. Tsuta Onsen Bath

Tsuta is in the hillside of South Hakkoda, a back room of Aomori, and is surrounded by the quiet Japanese beech woods. This onsen bath has milky green water, with a gentle wildflower fragrance. Helps to promote better blood circulation.

*Bath salt is subjected to availability. The Single Hinoki Onsen bath session can only begin with a minimum of an hour of the treatment booked.

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