Our Onsen Baths

Being the first in Singapore to house an authentic Hinoki Onsen bath, enjoy a good bath with our onsen salts imported directly from Japan while basking in the wholesomeness of natural oils released from the Hinoki wood.

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Hinoki Onsen Bath (Single)

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Hinoki Onsen bath gets its name from the use of hinoki, Japan’s most prized cypress wood once reserved strictly for royalty, and used for building palaces, temples and shrines. This precious wood releases mineral oils with soothing scents, anti-bacterial properties and many other therapeutic benefits.

Hinoki Onsen Bath (Couple)

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Our Couple onsen Hinoki Bath uses real hinoki, Japan’s most prized cypress wood, to replicate the natural hot spring water. When used, this precious wood releases mineral oils with soothing scents and anti-bacterial properties to calm, uplift and even alleviate mild respiratory problems. Bring your special one for a spa treat, begin with a nice onsen bath and continue with a massage or facial.

At Ikeda Spa, we use real hinoki in our onsen, a highly-prized type of cypress wood in Japan that was once reserved only for royalty. Typically used for incense, the hinoki wood releases a combination of mineral oils that can help you relax as you soak in a hot bath.

Some may think that onsen is just the Japanese term for “hot spring”, but that is not technically accurate. While a hot spring can be defined as a spring that produces geothermally heated water, onsen must meet certain temperature and mineral content requirements.

Soaking in an onsen bath can benefit your health in several ways. The hot water can help improve circulation, relieve muscle aches and pains, and reduce stress. Additionally, the minerals in the onsen water can be absorbed through your skin, providing you with a natural source of vitamins and minerals.

You must rinse yourself with cold water and soak in the bath for 10 minutes. After that, rinse yourself again to keep your body temperature cool. Don’t worry, our spa therapist will guide you through the onsen bath ritual if you are a first-timer. Or you can read our Singaporean’s Guide To Using A Japanese Onsen.

According to the traditional Japanese way, it is advisable to experience the onsen bath bare body (totally naked) for total relaxation. Our onsen baths are designed to be private, and there will be disposable garments for you to wear if needed.

You can choose five different types of onsen bath salts extracted from famous onsens in Japan. Our spa therapist will consult you to decide which would be the best choice based on your needs.

We recommend that you do not stay in the onsen for more than 30 minutes due to the high temperature. Rinse yourself with cold water every 10-15 minutes to stay comfortable.

At our onsen spa, we welcome guests with tattoos. Our private onsen baths are perfect for those who want to relax and unwind, and we are happy to accommodate guests with body art.

According to our spa policy, all bookings must be for a minimum of 60 minutes. For a more complete and relaxing spa experience, you can add another spa treatment to your onsen bath.

Yes, under the close supervision of their guardian during the bath. Therefore, you can only book for our couple onsen.