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Firmly rooted in the Five Element theory of traditional Chinese & Japanese medicine, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are used to help diagnose conflicting symptoms within your body & mind. The ancient Chinese believed that these five elements, together with the laws of yin and yang, will help the human body to achieve health.

Using only the highest grade, first extraction plant oils, Elemental Aromatherapy draws upon Eastern and Western massage techniques and tailor them to your specific needs. These natural oil infusions are a modern-day interpretation of the ancient theory, and when intentionally applied through bodywork, a powerful and holistic approach to restoring individual balance is achieved.

Five Element Oils

Woodrejuvenating and immuno-boosting

Your liver and gallbladder are connected to this element. When one of them is unbalanced, you will struggle to adapt to changes. The Wood element heals your liver organs to relieve sharp headaches and problems related to your eyes, nails, and ligaments. It builds on your patience and kindness, as your life will feel more smooth-sailing.

Firestimulates and invigorates the mind

Your heart system is connected to the Fire element. When this vital organ feels unbalanced, you will experience either sadness or overexcitement. This element will keep your blood pressure in check, as well as stimulate your mind to recognise priorities better. The Elemental Aromatherapy Massage will balance your Fire element, which will make you feel nothing but joy, love, and happiness.

Earthbalances body and mind, aids sleeplessness

The ancient Chinese described your spleen to be the main Earth organ. When your stomach and spleen are unbalanced, you tend to be anxious and pensive. The Eastern doctors have also categorised anxious people as splenic. The Earth element will target weight and digestive problems, as well as ease you to sleep. It will generally uplift the heaviness and slowness that you feel in your life.

Metaldetoxifies and tonifies

Your lungs and large intestine are connected to this element. When your lungs are unbalanced, you will often feel uninspired and grief-stricken. This element helps to detoxify the air pollutants in your lungs and restore your inspiration and energy levels.

Watersoothes and relieves stress

Your kidneys, urinary bladder and reproductive organs correspond to this element. When they are unbalanced, you will feel scared, hypersensitive or even paranoid. The Water element will soothe your fear and anxiety, restore your lack of willpower and determination and bring you calmness.

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