Best Mother’s Day Spa Gift 2019 – The Japanese Way

Omotenashi on 16 May, 2019

Best Mother’s Day Spa Gift 2019 – The Japanese Way


It is the Japanese way of saying Happy Mother’s Day. Ha no hi is a direct translation of Mother’s Day in Japanese, and omedetō means happy. Every second Sunday in May, Japan celebrates the life-giving, loving maternal figure in their lives. What could be the best Mother’s Day Spa Gift? We explore.

Initially observed on 6th March (the birthday of Empress Kojun, mother of Akihito, Japan’s current emperor), the festival was put to a stop during World War 2, due to its association with the Western world.

Thankfully (for all of us), the festival experienced a revival after the Second World War, and we have this chance to commemorate this special occasion with our mighty Mothers in a uniquely Japanese manner.

Here are 5 tips on how we could celebrate this special woman in our lives.

#1 Pink Carnations: Scent to start her day right

Mother's Day Best Spa Gift - Pink Carnation
Pink Carnation

Globally, it’s a must-have! Most cultures give carnations and Japan is no exception. The uniqueness lies in the colour of these carnations. In Singapore, the carnations gifted are typically in shades of yellow. However, the Japanese chose red or pink carnations to symbolize the sweetness and purity of a Mother.

A fresh scent to start off the day and a pretty sight to behold, a pink carnation will surely brighten up your morning and start the day right.

#2 Oyako Don: Fill her tummy

Mother's Day Best Spa Gift Oyako Don
Oyako Don

Whip up a piping hot Oyako Don (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl) 親子丼 to show your appreciation towards her. A meaningful dish, the chicken symbolises the parent and the egg, the child. This “parent-and-child” donburi will not only fill her tummy but bring her comfort and warmth. Gather your ingredients and check out the recipe here!

#3 A Special Illustration: Gift from the heart

Mother's Day Best Spa Gift Illustrations at Japan's 7-11
Mother’s Day Illustration at Japanese 7-11

In Japan, young children (and sometimes even adults) would submit their hand-drawn Mother’s Day portrait to 7-11’s annual Mother’s Day art exhibition. The illustration would stay for approximately a week, and all participants get free chocolate (and their artworks back).

While our 7-11 outlets don’t offer this, this gift from the heart is sure to be memorable in the years to come.

#4 Hinoki Onsen Bath: Rest and Recharge

Best Mother's Day Spa Gift - Ikeda Spa Hinoki Onsen
Ikeda Spa Hinoki Onsen

What could be a better treat than a relaxing, traditional Japanese onsen? Every Wonderwoman needs a break occasionally.

Hinoki is one of Japanese’s most prized cypress wood once reserved for royalty. In Ikeda Spa, this precious wood is used to construct a sizeable onsen bathtub, releasing mineral oils with soothing scents and anti-bacterial properties into the bath to calm and uplift. Sounds like the ideal activity to rest and relax.

#5 The Best Mother’s Day Spa Gift: Spas & Carnations

An array of carnations is sure to delight any Mother. A spa treat would amaze her. Put the two together, and we have the best Mother’s Day Spa gift, a Carnation Spa!

To mark this Mother’s Day, Ikeda Spa launched 3 special Carnation spa series. They are the Perfect Carnation Duo, the Carnation Zen Indulgence and of course the Couple Carnation Deluxe, designed especially for mother-daughter pairs. Apart from unwinding, this is also an ideal time for mothers and daughters to bond and reconnect.

Best Mother's Day Spa Gift - Ikeda Spa Carnation Spa Series
Ikeda Spa Carnation Spa Series

Detoxing. Healing. Carnation spa. Definitely the perfect recharge from a hectic schedule.

#6 Bonus Tip

Finally, the biggest gift our Mothers had given us was their time and presence, and in return, surely our time and presence are the best gifts we could ever give her.

On this Mother’s Day, take this opportunity to let her know “感謝しています” – I am grateful.

                                                                        (pronounced: kansha shite imasu)