Colours & Numbers of Roses for Valentine’s Day

Omotenashi on 11 Jan, 2019

Colours & Numbers of Roses for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a common day for all love birds to celebrate but many others like friends and family celebrate together to show their love although it’s a different kind of love from couples.

A popular gift during this day is roses. Whether it’s for your friend or a date, you can easily buy a stalk and a box of chocolates, and there you have it – the Valentine’s Day gift! But did you know that different colour and different amount of roses represent different things?

If you’re not much of a conversationist, this articles is for you. Sit back and let the flowers do the talking ????

What Colour Roses to Get During Valentine’s Day?

Red roses are often being given to one another as they’re a symbol for romance. However, not many know that they could give different coloured roses to represent the relationship with their receiver. Take a look at our graphic below to know which roses to give to your friend, crush or the love of your life!

How Many Roses to Give?

Now that you have your colours settled, how many stalks is enough? Go a little further and pay attention to the number of flowers you’re going to give because how much you give will mean something too.

  • One rose: Love at first sight, or if years later “you are still the one.”
  • Two roses: Mutual love and affection. If you receive them, you should give your admirer two roses too!
  • Three roses: The traditional three-month anniversary gift also simply means “I love you.”
  • Six roses: Infatuation, or “I want to be yours.”
  • Nine roses: A big jump up from six, nine roses symbolizes eternal love or simply says “I want to be with you forever.”
  • 10 roses: “You are perfection.”
  • 12 roses: A dozen means “be mine.”
  • 15 roses: “I’m sorry.”
  • 20 roses: The red starts to get excessive around 20, and supposedly that means “Believe me, I am sincere toward you.”
  • 21 roses: The hidden meaning behind 21 roses is “I am dedicated to you.”
  • 24 roses: If one dozen says “be mine,” two dozen says “I’m yours.” Be careful; he could be yours whether you want it or not.
  • 25 roses: “Congratulations.”
  • 36 roses: “I’m head over heels in love” or “I will remember our romantic moments.”
  • 40 roses: Forty roses say what 10, 20, or 30 can’t, “My love for you is genuine.”
  • 50-plus roses: Fifty and beyond can mean a few things, and they’re all big and boisterous. Traditionally, they mean my love, like my wallet, knows no bounds.

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