Interview with DeeniseGlitz

Interview on 3 Sep, 2017

Interview with DeeniseGlitz

We had the pleasure of an exclusive with DeeniseGlitz when she came down for our Beauness Purifying Facial.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Deenise aka DeeniseGlitz. I am an eco-conscious blogger, so my passion lies in sustainable living, healthy eating and green beauty.

What is your favourite category to review on your blog on DeeniseGlitz?

My favourite category to my DeeniseGlitz blog would be organic products. I believe in the natural ingredients and the impact that it has on the skin. For example, how it helps our skin to regenerate cell and keep it healthy. Therefore, I think that organic products are the cleanest form of a product.

What triggered you to become an advocated for green living?

I started with eating healthily first, so I got to know more about veganism and vegetarian lifestyle. From there, I realised that besides having compassion for animals, we should have compassion towards the environment. This way, I think it will be more wholesome in a sense that when you think about green living, it is all about balance, eating clean, going for bio-degradable and eco-friendly products. Green living is something I truly believe in.

In your aspect, how important is skincare to you?

Skincare is very important to me because I often have breakouts and my pores are huge. Hence, I always make it a point to go for regular facials and use the right products. I have learnt about the kind of products that suit my skin type and became very particular. I try to minimise the number of products used because I realised that if I pile on too many products, it defeats the purpose. Hence, I keep it minimal to stick to using toner, moisturiser, serum, mask and sunblock which is the important aspect.

What would you recommend for organic skincare brands and what works for you?

I have two favourite brands. The more affordable one would be Alba Botanica where you can get it at any drug store in Singapore. The other brand would be Botáni. Although it is a bit pricey, I like the product because there are no parabens or any form of preservatives inside. But, of course, the best kind of organic beauty product is to make your own, but you have to know what suits your skin.

Do you mind sharing with us your usual skincare routine?

My usual skincare routine in the morning starts with cleansing, toner, moisturiser and sunblock. During the day time, I put on a thin layer of skincare product and have no makeup on to keep it simple.

Towards the evening, I will cleanse my skin, and after that, I will put toner, moisturiser followed by a serum or sometimes, an alternative would be facial oils.

Deenise Tried Our Beauness Purifying Facial and Hinoki Sento Onsen.

DeeniseGlitz Facial

When you first entered Ikeda Spa, how do you feel about us?

Ikeda Spa reminded me of the time when I visited onsen in Japan, and it was very similar. I think I like the decoration and everything. Also, during the facial just now, I realised that for every step, the therapist will do it in a very detailed manner. She was very attentive and thorough.

How was your overall facial experience?

Overall, I think it is very comfortable. Doing facial in this kind of environment is very attractive, and it keeps you very calm of soothing with the nice background music. The therapist was polite too, asking me at every step if I am feeling comfortable. The product used has a nice natural sense to it too.

How will you rate our facial services?

I think about 8.5.

How will you rate the overall ambience and experience of Ikeda Spa?

10, definitely.