Interview with Jayne Tham

Interview on 12 Apr, 2017

Interview with Jayne Tham

Last week, we had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with Jayne Tham when she came down for a trial of our Ikebana Flower Ritual. Here’s the full-length interview we did with her!

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, my name is Jayne Tham and am 28 years old this year. I’m a marketing manager for a locally established multi-label sportswear store.

What are you passionate about?

I love to travel, and I also love to eat. I think these two goes very well hand-in-hand!

What is something people don’t know about you?

I actually enjoy being alone, so if you ask me to have a meal by myself, I have no qualms about that.

How do you normally relax?

So what I like to do when I am feeling stress is that I like to go on a retail therapy!

How did you first find out about Ikeda Spa?

I actually found out about Ikeda Spa through a friend who visited the Spa before. She told me about how the experience was like in Ikeda Spa – a very authentic Japanese experience because of the onsen that is available here as well as the warm and genuine service that she experienced. I find it quite interesting so I wanted to try it for myself.

What was your first experience at Ikeda Spa like?

The first time I came to Ikeda Spa, I actually tried the Zen Candle Therapy.

What do you like about our Zen Candle Therapy?

The warm melted candle on my skin, because it was very soothing and it was actually very relaxing along with the long kneading massage technique!

Jayne Tham got to try out our Ikebana Flower Ritual.

Jayne Tham tried Ikedana Flower Ritual

What interest you in the Ikebana Flower Ritual and why?

It was a very comprehensive treatment, and what attracted me the most was the Rose Wrap because I have never done a Rose Wrap before, or rather any body wrap for that matter. Quite an interesting description of what the wrap would do for your skin so I was quite interested to find out how it feels like. Read her review on Ikebana Flower Facebook Post

Ikebana Flower Instagram Post

Who do you think this ritual is best suited for?

I think this package suits people who are really busy and who wants to pamper themselves from head-to-toe.