Interview with Shona Woo

Interview on 17 Dec, 2016

Interview with Shona Woo

A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of interviewing Shona Woo, one of the finalists of Ms Universe Singapore. Let’s get to know our Zen Candle Therapy Massage model a little better!

Can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, my name is Shona Woo and I’m 26 this year. I’m a freelance model. I used to be an actress as well, I do a bit of coding at the side and I’m actually going to be doing marketing full time.

You recently joined the Ms Universe Singapore pageant, can you tell us about the experience?

I was a finalist for Ms Universe Singapore 2016 and it was a very great experience. Within two months, I had to learn catwalk, public speaking, and then there were lots of workshops for us so we learnt hair, we learnt makeup, lots of beauty workshops, lots of exercise and training as well as proper nutrition.

Some things that I could take away from this pageant was definitely how to carry myself better and how to be more graceful and confident. I think I eat better and I am exercising very regularly now as well. So, all in all, it was a very enriching experience and I would never ever trade anything in my life for that.

What are some of your passions?

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved dancing. I did ballet when I was younger and when I was in college, I did some hip hop. Eventually, I learnt figure skating so I can actually do turns, spins and jumps on ice.

When I’m at home, I generally love to read. I read all sorts of things, from non-serious, fiction novels like harry potter – I love them, all the way to very very serious things. Like sometimes, I get interested in some scientific journals. I actually read them when I’m free as well.

Is there something people don’t know about Shona Woo?

I think it is the fact that I love to be home by 8 every day if I can. The reason why is because I like to catch my parents before they head to bed. I (also) try to have dinner at home every day, as much as I can.

How long have you been patronizing Ikeda Spa?

I got to know Ikeda Spa in 2014, the end of the year when I was trying to find a place where I can do an onsen. So I was googling, then, I read about this very authentic Japanese Spa massage place and that was how I got to know Ikeda.

That was when I tried the Zen Candle massage and that was actually how I ended up being a model for Ikeda spa.  After that, I couldn’t stop patronizing Ikeda spa!

Why did you first decide to come down? Was it spontaneous decision or were you stressed etc.?

I think it was quite spontaneous. First of all, I’ve never heard of the Zen Candle Massage anywhere else. So, it was out of curiosity that I wanted to try. Also because in Singapore you know we lead a pretty stressful life so we tend to look at our phones a lot and we tend to hunch (our backs) because of our lifestyle. So, I think I needed something to relieve the stress and tension in my body. So, that was the reason I decided to come down and try the treatment.

Personally, how do you think Ikeda Spa stands out?

I think one unique thing about Ikeda Spa is that you all actually resemble Japan. So I think I don’t really need to fly to Japan to feel like I’m having an onsen in a Japanese setting. I love how authentic the experience here is. I like the fact that I can do lots of different types of massages here on top of my onsen and there’s a variety of treatments here. In addition to that, you know, I get this very good service here so I think everything here is exceptional. So I would definitely come here if I want to pamper myself.

How else do you relax when you feel stressed?

I think exercise, actually. Basically, it snaps us out of lethargy and I think when I’m actually feeling a bit stressed, besides having a massage, I think doing some exercise, get yourself stretching, running, get the endorphins going. Then you know, sometimes when my muscles get a bit sore, I can come here for a good massage.

Shona Woo also got to try out our special edition package for the Christmas season.

So you got to experience our Winter Solstice Package earlier, which was your favourite part?

First of all, I like the smell of the oil that was used – that had this very pleasant citrusy scent. It actually kinda made me a little bit hungry after that. That was followed by this very warm, tension-relieving massage. I think it really helped to relieve the tension and all the aches in my body and I actually feel very rejuvenated now. I think it’s something that you know I can definitely come to once a month to feel refreshed and help me to get myself all energized up again.

Who do you think this package is best for?

I think it’s for everyone because Christmas is something that everyone celebrates. Whether you are a student, Christmas is a time, you know because it’s post-exams it’s something that you deserve to pamper yourself with. If you’re a working adult, it’s also a time to relax, take a break from work treat yourself to a nice lovely package where there is an onsen, you follow up with a body wrap and then a massage. I think there’s no other better way to pamper yourself beside this Christmas package and I think it’s really for everyone – Female, Male, whether you are a student or a working adult.

Check out the Winter Solstice Package for yourself!