Top 10 Must-Try Signature Massages in Singapore! [Updated 2021]

By Vivian Kek in Wellness on 23 Aug, 2017

Top 10 Must-Try Signature Massages in Singapore! [Updated 2021]

Tired of the mundane? Is work getting you down? We feel you! So why not try a signature massage in Singapore that can cure this problem right at the source?

Sometimes all we want to do is to travel somewhere nice like Bali or Maldives to get a full-body massage and revitalise our mind and body. But why travel when you can receive a unique or signature massage in Singapore that does the same thing at a lower cost?

Without further ado, here are 10 of our favourite signature massages in Singapore!

1. Deep Muscle Massage with Hot Stones at Damai Spa, Grand Hyatt Singapore

(credits to Damai Spa)

If you require some intense relief from deep-seated tension and muscular stress in specific areas of your body, this massage is ideal for you. 

Not only does it alleviate discomforts caused by stiff neck muscles, lower back pain, and tight shoulders, this massage also incorporates the use of hot stones to penetrate warmth into your tense muscles to ease aches and pains.

2. Pearls and Caviar Ultimate Anti-Ageing Rejuvenation at Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Singapore

Massage Singapore Pearls and Caviar Ultimate Anti-Ageing Rejuvenation at Fairmont Singapore
(credits to Fairmont Singapore)

Experience total body and mind rejuvenation with this anti-ageing spa treatment. 

This massage starts off with full-body polish using gentle pearl beads to help release your tensed mind. It then follows with a bamboo and ginger massage to revitalise your senses and relax your muscle aches.

Lastly, conclude your experience with a caviar anti-ageing facial to give your complexion a youthful and radiant glow.

3. The Asian Heritage Signature at The Fullerton Spa Singapore

Massage Singapore The Asian Heritage Signature at The Fullerton Spa Singapore
(credits to The Fullerton Spa)

Unwind and watch as your life energy flows through the meridians of your body with this Asian Heritage massage.

If you suffer from a mind full of tension, this treatment’s scalp massage will be perfect for you! After that, a deep muscle massage follows, relaxing tension points to leave you feeling re-energised.

4. Warm Vichy Shower Massage at Remède Spa, The St. Regis Singapore

Enjoy the downpour of a warm Vichy Shower with rich botanical oils whilst laying on a heated marble bed. This hydrotherapy eliminates lymphatic blockage, and in turn, boosts your immunity.

This treatment also includes a refreshing and relaxing dry brushing facial massage with the use of essential oils. 

5. Oriental Harmony at Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Get the exclusive experience of having two therapists and four hands working on you in perfect unison!

Together, the therapists work in time and movement to exfoliate your body with a warm scrub that replenishes your skin. This is followed by a massage that balances your body to reclaim your zen.

6. Detox Massage at AWAY® Spa, W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Massage Singapore W Sentosa
(credits to Away Spa Singapore)

Had a long and exhausting day? Recharge yourself with a massage that uses the perfect oil blend, mixed by AWAY’s very own spa mixologist.

Using the latest massage techniques, watch your stress and worries melt away with a full-body massage that promotes tissue regeneration and toxin detox.

7. Intuitive Wellness Massage at Auriga Spa, Capella Hotel Singapore

At Auriga Spa, each signature treatment is dedicated to a particular phase of the Moon. What makes it unique is that each therapy offered corresponds to the Moon’s current stage to provide the guest with a time-exclusive experience.

With this massage, allow the therapist to tailor your treatment according to your needs and preferences.

8. Aramsa Touch at Aramsa Spa

Massage Singapore Aramsa Spa
(credits to Aramsa Spa)

Soothe your soul and relax with Aramsa’s signature massage. 

This treatment incorporates a fusion of eastern meridian and western classical massage techniques to give you the tranquillity you dream of. Perfect for those of you who love medium pressure. 

9. ESPA Body Ritual Massage at ESPA, Resort World Sentosa

Restore your equilibrium with this body ritual massage.

The massage will start with body exfoliation, followed by a Marine Algae or Mud wrap to be applied to your body along with a scalp massage. Once you’ve washed the wrap off in the shower, your therapist will proceed to give you a revitalising, tailored aromatherapy massage.

10. Ganbanyoku Detox Massage at Ikeda Spa Singapore
Massage Singapore Ganbanyoku Ikeda Spa

In need of a healthy detox without the troubles of dieting? Our signature massage will be most beneficial for you!

This treatment will be conducted on a volcanic hot stone bed specially imported from Hakone that is heated up to 49°C to bathe your skin in infrared rays and negative ions to accelerate metabolism, boost your immune system and complexion, and lift your spirits.

On top of that, our finest therapists will knead your knotted muscles to relieve them of tension and stress from a long day. Get beautiful and healthy skin with our Ganbanyoku Detox Massage today!

Ikeda Spa Offers An Extensive List of Massage Singapore

Massage Singapore Head Massage

Do you have a strong desire to go for a massage now? We’re happy to say that Ikeda Spa has over 40 treatments for you to get your fix. These treatments include our signature Hinoki Couple Onsen, Ganbanyoku Detox Massage, Zen Candle Therapy Massage and Geisha Organic Facial.

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