Valentines 2017: 7 Ideas for Single Chicks

Omotenashi on 22 Jan, 2017

Valentines 2017: 7 Ideas for Single Chicks

Valentines 2017 is approaching…your unpredictable love life has left you with a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s day and this year, it’s decidedly overrated. The couples around you are busy making their dinner plans and you’re independently embracing the romantic occasion.

With the existence of a day that is largely celebrated by couples, it may become a challenge to not feel lonely, bitter or jealous. But feeling negatively about love also means that you’ve forgotten about the love that surrounds you and more importantly, self-love.

Here are 7 Valentine’s day activities to celebrate love and life as the single independent woman you are.

For the Single Pringle:

1. Netfilx and chill alone

valentines 2017 single netflix

Being alone doesn’t necessarily have to equate to loneliness. As a matter of fact, this is the best time to order take-outs and eat with thoughtless abandon while you binge-watch sappy romcoms. Remember to treat yourself with your go-to comfort food. Just take time to unwind and relax with you and you only.

2. Find your own treasure

valentines 2017 thrift shop

This one’s calling out to all those who feel unwanted. Don’t forget that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Go thrift shopping – revamp someone else’s old clothes and style it into something that’s completely your own! What better way to rediscover the treasure you are than through revamping old clothes?

3. Stop, drop and plop into an Onsen.

valentine spa promo - bt single

Soak away the societal norms of needing someone on Valentines day. Hop right into our spa and enjoy a SPArkling Valentine’s Day. Enjoy a warm, aromatherapeutic sparkling onsen bathcoupled with a relaxing massage.

4. Pamper privately

valentines 2017 chidoriya

Alternatively, if you’re the stay-home kinda girl, to avoid all the pesky lovebirds that crowd the shopping malls on Valentine’s day, treat yourself to a spa session at home. You may wanna check out some DIY Skincare recipes!

For the Single Girls Squad:

5. Sugar, spice and everything nice

Valentines 2017 bake

Gather the girls around and bake a bake or some cookies together.   Spread the love after you’re done to share the love. It’ll be a pleasant surprise as it serves as a reminder of love and appreciation to those around you.

6. Take instagram-worthy photos

Valentines 2017 polaroid
p.s. printing them on polaroid films will make them extra adorable!

Organise a photoshoot with all your girlfriends – decorate a room or go somewhere with great view and snap away! You get to capture memories with the people who are there for you AND you create content for your Instagram feed – talk about killing two birds with one stone?

7. Slumber party

Valentines 2017 slumber party

The list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of a slumber party. Organise a slumber and have fun with your girls to celebrate your friendship. Do everything girly together from watching romcoms, painting nails, doing masks and playing board games – have so much fun your attached girlfriends will wish they were there.

Pick one of these ideas and you’d definitely have a meaningful Valentines Day this year!