Geisha Organic Facial

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The Geisha Organic Facial uses traditional organic Japanese ingredients, such as rice bran, camellia oil, Azuki red beans, and peach moon water. However, the most crucial ingredient is uguisu no fun(powdered nightingale droppings), once a secret known only to kabuki actors and geishas.

Geishas and Kabuki actors have traditionally worn heavy white makeup containing zinc and lead, which contributed to serious skin diseases and irritation. It was discovered that uguisu no fun completely removed this toxic makeup while conditioning and soothing the skin.

Although geisha makeup is no longer made with these ingredients today, uguisu no fun remains a Japanese beauty secret. At Ikeda Spa, this ancient and prized geisha beauty secret is artfully revived in our Geisha Organic Facial™. Uguisu no fun is perfectly safe to use. It is sanitized through exposure to ultraviolet light before being milled to a fine powder. When combined with our unique 300-stroke Japanese meridian massage technique, it removes all traces of dirt and gently exfoliates dead skin cells to leave your skin soft, smooth and bright. You can’t go wrong with this time-tested facial treatment.


  • UREA: Reduces water loss from the skin’s epidermis and retains moisture.
  • GUANINE: Creates a shimmery, iridescent effect, giving skin a lovely glow.
  • OGG1: Treats damage caused by UV exposure.


After just one session, Roanna observed that her complexion was visibly brighter, smoother and cleaner looking. Her skin’s redness was also reduced.

Image Credit: TheBeauLife

Roanna will definitely take up the chance to try the Geisha Organic Facial again. “I would love to be back every month if I could,” she said. The luxurious facial treatment is a great way to pamper yourself every now and then. She recommends it for folks with dull and pigmented complexions who want to brighten their skin.

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