Our Signature Treatments

We have spent years developing a few signature spa treatments, the depth and quality of which you cannot find anywhere else. Unique rituals, ceremonies and little extras make every signature spa treatment an inspirational experience specially tailored for you.


Ganbanyoku Detox Massage

5 30
Award WinningPopular

Voted the Best Detox Massage in Singapore, a unique massage performed on the Ganbanyoku hot stone bed. The infrared wave from the bed will penetrate deeply, while our healing essential oils work their magic to rejuvenate your fatigued body. It’s like enjoying a good massage and a sauna session at the same time!

Available only at Ikeda Spa (Bukit Timah)

Geisha Organic Facial

5 31
Award WinningNewPopular

Voted the Best Traditional Facial in Singapore using Chidoriya skin care created for Geishas in Japan. When combined with our unique Japanese meridian massage technique, the active ingredients are fully optimised to beautify your skin.

Chidoriya uses only time-tested traditional beauty products, such as rice bran, camellia oil, azuki red beans and the exclusive uguisu no fun, made from UV-sanitized nightingales droppings. A natural way to smoothen and lighten the skin.

Hinoki Onsen Bath (Single)

5 15
Award WinningPopular

Hinoki Onsen bath gets its name from the use of hinoki, Japan’s most prized cypress wood once reserved strictly for royalty, and used for building palaces, temples and shrines. This precious wood releases mineral oils with soothing scents, anti-bacterial properties and many other therapeutic benefits.

Available only at Ikeda Spa (Bukit Timah)