Christmas Gifts for the BFF Who “Doesn’t Want Anything”

Omotenashi on 9 Dec, 2016

Christmas Gifts for the BFF Who “Doesn’t Want Anything”

Christmas, the season of joy and giving is just round the corner. We all love to receive presents that come with much thoughts, and that makes us appreciate your BFF when they know what you want best. On the other hand, have you ever encounter having problems to buy a Christmas gift for that one particular BFF who doesn’t want anything? That’s indeed a first world problem we have. We have segmented these BFFs with accordance to their personalities, there’s one for everyone! Here are some of the best Christmas gifts for your best friend:

Christmas Gift for the Earth Loving BFF

potted herbs christmas gift

This dear friend is THE real life Captain Planet, who loves going green and is on a rampage to reduce air pollution by commuting to work via cycling or even walking. You enjoy spending time with this BFF as she reminds you of looking at the bigger picture of embracing Mother Nature before Earth gets devoured, which may lead to nothing left for our next generation. It’s hard to think of great Christmas gifts as she does not want anything to be left unusable or cannot be recycled. An organic herb garden basket might just do the trick to appease her. Apart from the advantage of growing her own food, herbal plants undergoes photosynthesis  to cleanse and purify air. She will thank you for this great BFF Christmas gift.

Christmas Gift for the Powerhouse BFF

pink coffee machine christmas gift

We all have that one best friend who is a high achiever in her career and a dedicated provider for her family. A beautiful woman inside and out, she maintains poise even when being challenged to the hardest tasks. She already has everything that she wants in life. However, having to juggling multiple roles and excel at the same time is no easy feat, she definitely appreciates a good Christmas gift that keeps her on her toes. Good quality brewed coffee gives her days a great kickstart, hence a trendy capsule coffee maker should do the trick. Choose a pretty looking one so it looks too irresistible not to make that cuppa. Let her indulge on that daily coffee dose and bring on that powerhouse personality!

Christmas Gift for the Easily Stressed Out BFF

Spa towels and candles christmas gift

This friend is the type who screams for help when they see an ant crawling over their sleeve, the one who cries when they discover a chipped nail right before a job interview. There’s a silver lining to hang out with these BFFs, for they make good party or gathering coordinators, to see that the tiny little details are being executed accurately and make it 100% perfect. It’s time for this BFF to sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of life! A spa gift card is one of few perfect Christmas gift ideas to give her a pampering experience. She will be even more grateful if the spa gift card is from a renowned luxury spa. She can choose any treatment she wants, be it a relaxing massage or a refreshing beauty facial.

Christmas Gift for the Long Distance BFF

plane sunset

The long distance BFF is one whom you hold dearly in your heart, as you have shared good and bad times together but yet she had to go to the other part of the world to pursue her interests. Monthly skype calls are mandatory to share happy news or pour out life woes to one another. Bonding holiday trips are a yearly affair for you both, be it at her country or yours. Remind this BFF you treasure your days spent together by making a countdown calendar till your next vacation meetup. Get crafty and personalise this one-of-a-kind Christmas gift with wefies of you both and plot down those memorable moments spent together. Your BFF will certainly be touched by your efforts and look forward to the next meetups.

The Christmas season is truly a great time to show your BFFs how much you love them by gifting them something that they can connect your friendship with. May these Christmas gift ideas help you find inspirations and strengthen your bonding with the people that matter to you. Merry Christmas and have a great time!