Eye Care: The Kinds of Eye Treatments

Beauty on 6 Sep, 2016

Eye Care: The Kinds of Eye Treatments

In our previous blog post, we have identified the importance of using eye cream/serum and how you can choose the right eye cream to target your concern. If you have not read about it, read it here.

Before we start, let me share with you a little more about eye treatments.

An eye treatment is used to help your the area around your eyes to achieve a more lifted and hydrated look by making use of massage techniques and devices. There are a few types of Eye Treatments out there such as:

1. RF Eye Treatment

It uses pulsed magnetic fields to aid in stimulating blood circulation around the eye area and draining of toxin. This treatment provides instant effect after one session and is usually used to tackle women with concern such as fine lines, dehydrated eye area and dark circles.

2. Ultrasound Eye Treatment

It uses device which have high frequency between 800,000 Hz and 2,000,000 Hz to aid in formation of collagen and draining of toxin.You will experience a low vibration to assist deeper penetration of the eye cream that was applied into the Dermis layer. This treatment is usually used to tackle women with concern for lifting of the eye area.

3. Traditional Japanese Eye Treatment

This treatment requires no device or machine. It is the traditional way where the beautician focuses on massage techniques to assist in stimulating blood circulation and draining of toxin. This would be perfect for women who is not into doing eye treatment using machines or devices.

P.S: Eye treatment is usually done together with a facial session to achieve a holistic pampering facial experience.

Let’s now a comparison between the three different treatment.

RF Eye Treatment Ultrasound Eye Treatment Traditional Eye Treatment
Uses pulsed magnetic fields
to conduct treatment
Uses high frequency between 800,000 Hz and 2,000,000 Hz to conduct treatment Uses massage technique to conduct treatment
Target Concern Fine lines,
dehydrated eye area and dark circles.
Fine lines and sagging of the eye area. Dark Circles and Dull eye area
Pricing Average price starts from $100 Average price start from $100 Usually performed together with your facial.
Not suitable for Those who suffer from collagen diseases, patients with pacemaker or defibrillator and malignant history. Those who have recently did chemical peeling ; pregnant  – NIL –

Important: It is essential to get a consultation prior to any treatments you get done on your face, whether it is a facial or an eye treatment, so as to allow the beautician to better understand your areas of concerns and what you aim to achieve out of it.

So… Eye cream/serum Vs Eye treatment, which is more important?
The answer would be, both are equally important. Both work hand in hand to help you to achieve a even better result which means you wouldn’t have to worry about concealing your dark circles.

We hope that you have learnt something new from the information that I have shared with you about eye cream/serum and eye treatment. Ikeda Spa do offer these three eye treatment using technology and techniques. Do check out our facial menu here. Subscribe now to get our latest blog updates.