Our Facial Addons

Compliment your facial with pampering add-ons to the delicate parts of your face, like the eyes, lips and neck area.

Facial Addons

Lip Lush Essence


Lip Lush Essence is a dedicated treatment that is best completed with any beauty facials. This 15-minute lip treatment diminishes fine lines, lighten discolouration around the lip area and prepare your lips for the perfect pout.

Eye Essence Refine


Instantly reduce dark eye circles, under eye bags and wrinkles and restore Ki flow around this delicate area. For best results, go with the 30 min treatment using ReFa, a revolutionary facelift electronic roller that has taken Japan by storm. It’s safe and effective for all.

Neck Zone Lift


Banish unsightly fine lines and sluggish skin around the neck with our unique Neck Zone Lift treatment. For best result, pair it with the 30 min treatment, which uses ReFa, a revolutionary Japanese facelift electronic roller that has taken Japan by storm. Non-invasive, the treatment is safe and effective.

Oxyjet Acne Buster


This oxygen-rich water jet will effectively deep cleanse, massage, tone, re-texturise and plump up the skin. It eliminates sebum build-up by penetrating deep into the skin to clean out pores. The oxygen facial is scientifically proven to minimise imperfections, banish acne-causing bacteria, and help to restore hormonal balance.

E-Light Glow Booster


This treatment works with light therapy to effectively minimise age spots, blemishes and pigmentation in a non-invasive manner. This treatment is pain free and non-invasive, recommended to be done in regular sessions for maximised results.

RF2 Double Chin Removal


Say goodbye to the unwanted double chin. This non-invasive and pain-free sculpting therapy dramatically reduces the appearance of excess skin around the chin by gently dissolving unwanted fat deposits. It’s the perfect alternative to the surgeon’s knife.

RF2 Lift & Firm


Banish unsightly fine lines and sluggish skin on the face. RF2 is the upgraded version from the regular radio frequency, this multi polar technology aims to increase collagen and elasticity, ending in refreshed and youthful look. Pair it with Embellir Anti-Aging facial to get the best result. Non-invasive, this treatment is safe and effective.