Our Permanent Hair Removal

The Japanese have a penchant for perfect skin and smooth legs. Here, you can find every type of laser hair removal available. From armpit hair to bikini line, we will do it all. And, to top it off, it is totally painless.

Hair Removal

EPL Hair Removal


Achieve a hair-free, smooth body easily without using messy waxes or shavers. A new state-of-the-art painless hair removal technology, EPL offers greater efficacy and fewer side effects compared to other IPL devices and it is minimally painless. It’s fast-working and gentle to the skin with long term results.

‘Small part’ includes the upper lip, navel, kneecap, fingers or toes. 

‘Medium part’ includes underarms, bikini line, back of hand or top of foot.

‘Large part’ includes the stomach, lower half arm, lower back, lower half leg.

Available only at Ikeda Spa (Bukit Timah)