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Give an additional boost to complete your body treatment with our top-to-toe massage add-ons.

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Massage Addons

Ashitsubo Thigh & Calf


This ancient treatment focuses on massaging specific points of the feet to relieve stress and release energy flow throughout the body. Applying moderate pressure on the lower thigh and calf to relieve tension, this massage is bound to be a great pick-me-up.  Highly recommended for strenuous walking activities.

Kiatsu Head & Scalp


This is excellent for those who want to take off tension from the head. This amazing treatment begins with a deft neck and scalp massage, and ends off with a soporific acupressure face massage. You can also opt for a camellia oil traditionally used by geishas to add lustre to their hair.

Seitai Neck & Shoulder


Seitai means “to restore order to the body” in Japanese. This express massage gently eases and relaxes the neck, shoulders and upper back, and encourages deep sleep from which you’ll emerge feeling energised and refreshed. Great for those who have neck and shoulder strains from sitting for too long periods at their desk.