Our Menard Facials

Using the Japanese household skincare brand that has been around since 1949, Menard facials brings beautiful skin to a whole new level.

Menard Facials

Lisciare Hydrating Facial


This skin-quenching and hydrating treatment delivers moisture to dehydrated skin, and counteracts the effects of pollution, air-conditioning and stress. The 12 varieties of oriental plant extracts in Lisciare will also help to maintain crystal clear and self-moisturising skin. Ideal for dry skin.

Beauness Purifying Facial


Developed specifically for skin with excessive oil secretion and acne, Beauness works wonders on rough skin and pimples. It effectively treats problem skin with a patented “SPA essence” formula – a combination of healing onsen(hot spring) water and natural plant extracts. Ideal for rough skin.

Fairlucent Whitening Facial


Keep your skin glowing from within with this facial treatment. Inhibit melanin production and synthesis with advanced whitening ingredient from the Fairlucent Whitening range. These active ingredients come in the size of nano-sized particles penetrate deeply for visibly fairer and brighter skin. Great for all skin types.

Embellir Anti Aging Facial


This treatment effectively give skin cells a big boost to repair and regenerate from within. The red and black reishi mushrooms in Embellir Anti Aging range can powerfully interact with skin cells to prevent the signs of ageing and restore the skin’s vitality, radiance and clarity. Ideal for dull skin.